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Touring around Montevideo – Day Two

I’m starting this as a placeholder for our Montevideo trip. We are safely home and had a wonderful trip.  It’s now just after Thanksgiving and I’m quite a few posts behind!  It’s been a very busy month, and and this World Press blog has changed their format, which I’m still learning.  I do want to finish the next couple posts in order, so I will come back to these when I catch up with Thanksgiving’s post.

I’ll post a gallery here when I get a chance.  We went to a private winery on day two that was closed to the public at this time of year.  We had an amazing time, and the whole day felt like a scene from the old Robin Leach show “Lifestyles of the rich and famous!”  Mainly because of the private and exclusive winery setting, and secondly the amazing lunch we had at the exclusive VIK resort.  While we didn’t stay there, we did have lunch there which was the next best thing, as the resort and restaurant are closed to guests only, and it was recently voted the best resort in South America. It helps to have connections – Ryan as our tour guide, and his wife is the General Manager there!

Moving along for now.  Stay tuned for updates.


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