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A bit of serendipity in Natchinoches

It’s Tuesday evening, and I’m relaxing now in shorts and a T-shirt back at the Hampton Inn, just outside of Natchitoches, Louisiana.  As I posted last night, I arrived yesterday and noted how hot, hot, hot it was.  And it still is, but fortunately the air conditioning was very good were I was working.

I had a busy but not stressful workday and the people I’m working with are super nice.  After work I decided to drive around the downtown Natchitoches area a bit.IMG_4286IMG_4289 IMG_4287  It’s the oldest parish in Louisiana, and there is quite a bit of history and old charm elegance here.  I parked the car by the river, and walked around for only 45 minutes or so as it was still hot, hot, hot even at 5:30pm.

I had noticed a small local hotel as I was at lunch, and decided to check it out. IMG_4276 I walked in and there were several people having fun in the small lobby (no doubt helped out by the complimentary evening vino!), and spoke with the very friendly front desk clerk.  I inquired about the property, and wasn’t expecting it, but she showed me one of the King rooms which was very nice with an oversize Jacuzzi tub.  I was sold, so I went ahead and booked with her directly for my return in early September.  The hotel is called the Church Street Inn, and I look forward to returning in 3 weeks.  The location is great, and it’s walking distance around the small town’s downtown area, and it’s handful of eating and drinking establishments, the waterfront, stores etc.


Like I wrote about recently in Port Washington, Wisconsin, this evening reminded me of the unexpected (serendipity) fun of the town.  I’m truly blessed for being able to travel so much, and even though I get tired of traveling sometimes, it’s small-town moments like this that really make me glad for my wonderful job.


IMG_4290 IMG_4296







I love strolling thru small towns that still have mom and pop shops, cafes, and even a local barbershop;

simply walking past park benches along the river, and the beautiful landscaping of nature’s colors.




As it was quite hot, I drove on back to the hotel, passing some beautiful old homes and Bed and Breakfast’s, trying to take a picture as I went.  Not!

This week I’m staying at the Hampton,  IMG_4308but hopefully can update the blog with some better photos of the historic homes when I return and stay in downtown Natchitoches.








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