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A ‘Story’ to remember!

I was back in Lexington this week on business; it was quite busy this week, and the week went by really fast.  It was very cold for this Florida boy, but fortunately no additional snowfall and not very windy conditions.  The roads were mostly clear, but the farmlands I drove past in the countryside on the way to my hour daily commute were beautifully covered with snow and the outlying mountains made for a spectacular view.  It reminded me of my hometown of Roanoke and the Blue Ridge mountains where I grew up. ky snow pics While I couldn’t take photos as I was driving obviously, I did take a couple pics as I was getting my rental car ky snow pics2at the airport. Welcome to horse country!

By Thursday, I was looking forward to going home, and hoping to see Lynne again at the Lexington airport frequent-flyer Club.  As I wrote on a previous post, I met Lynne on my last visit here earlier this month.  Lynne is the concierge in the Lexington Airport frequent flyer club, which allows guests who have memberships in the major 3 airline clubs admittance (AA, United, Delta and military USO).   I had a flight delay last time (as well as this time) when I met Lynne, and we had a delightful conversation amongst the delays.  She was a former Pan Am Stewardess (not Flight Attendant in those days) and we shared some great travel stories. On my previous post, I shared a photo Lynne  had given me from her flying days, and now I can post a photo of her today in her young 70’s, further down below in this post, along with Story Musgrave, profiled in the next paragraph.

While I was in the Lexington airport lounge, I had the good fortune of meeting Story Musgrave – a Physician and former Astronaut!   Lynne had pointed him out to me, as she knew my partner was a former 777 pilot and knew I would be interested.  I knew the name right away as I had seen him as he had narrated the EPCOT Candlelight Processional many years ago at EPCOT.  I introduced myself to him,Story and lynneJPG we exchanged cards, and I asked him if I could display his photo on my blog which I took with him and Lynn, and he said yes.  I told him I saw him years ago at EPCOT at Disneyworld, when he was a narrator of the Candlelight Processional, and I had attended that show.  I somewhere have a photo of this, and possibly some video, and if so I will upload this when I find it, as it’s been quite a few years ago.  I distinctly remember this as I had never seen an Astronaut do a Candlelight show, and thought it was really cool. The EPCOT Candlelight Processional runs from Thanksgiving until December 30th each year, and it is a must to see if you are visiting Disneyworld during this time frame.  You can read Story’s bio here on Wikipedia:

I wish I had had more time to chat with him, as he was so interesting, down-to-earth, and has had such a fascinating career, but it was off to both of our respective flights shortly after we spoke.

Thank you Story and Lynne for making my day!  That was such a nice surprise meeting Story, and of course seeing you again Lynne.  You are such the welcoming hostess, no doubt from your years of customer service in the airline Stewardess’s days of infancy.  I do want you to meet my Steve, and hopefully we will pass thru their together one day.

So then I flew to CLT on my delayed US Airways flight (hour and half late) and missed my 6:20pm connection to MCO.  Fortunately I got on the 8:15 flight and even got my upgrade to 2C, and landed at MCO around 10pm where Steve DOS was waiting for me.  A long day, but it was so worth it seeing Lynne again, and meeting Story Musgrave!  Thank you both!

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