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Aloha Dos! Greetings from Orlando!

Ok, so this is a different type of post – it’s a virtual trip to Hawaii post, courtesy of Steve (DOS) and Face Time.  As I write this it’s 11:15pm Tuesday night here at home in Orlando, and DOS just got to Honolulu.  He said he would post this week, (as he did in the last post explaining this week’s journey), but I thought I’d put a couple photos I took just now across the miles via Face Time.  It’s really quite amazing you can have a video chat with someone half way around the world, and take a photo while you’re chatting, and then upload it to a blog.  Such technology was not even invented when DOS was flying there for work years ago – it’s truly a small world now.


Now just posting a couple pics of our Face Time chat; DOS gave me a quick walk down Kahala Kahala avenue.  He’s staying at the Hyatt Hotel tower there, and is way up on the 34th floor.


He can fill in the details when he blogs; and here’s the unedited photos straight from our Face Time chat on my Macbook Pro.  For Steve (UNO) it’s off to bed for me.  For Steve (DOS) it’s time to stroll, and if I know him, shop!   Aloha!

IMG_6279 IMG_6282 IMG_6283 IMG_6288 IMG_6290 IMG_6291 IMG_6294 IMG_6296 IMG_6302 IMG_6307

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