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Aloha Maui! Heading home!

As with anything, all good things must come to an end, and so did our week in Maui.  We did a last mid-morning run for souvenirs next door to our hotel at the Grand Wailea, and then headed out for a farewell lunch as our flight home to Orlando was not until 6pm.

Although we didn’t do the road to Hana, we did drive towards the start of it as we had an incredible lunch at Mama’s Fish House.  IMG_6928This amazing family-owned restaurant lies on a beautiful stretch of beach, offering ocean views with a private-like setting.  IMG_6897They have an Inn as well on the several acres of property, and unlike the busy beaches in other areas of Maui, this has a most tranquil feel to it. It seems like an odd place for such a nice restaurant as it is miles away from Wailea, Kaanapali and other major areas, although it is close to the trendy; i.e. rustic areas along the start of the Hana highway.  The decor of the restaurant is native Hawaiian, and the pictures and artwork throughout the property are a pleasure to view as if in an art gallery.IMG_6890 IMG_6887 IMG_6885

IMG_6886 IMG_6829

As we had several hours before our flight, we decided to make a ‘dinner’ out of lunch, and had a nice two hour leisurely meal at Mama’s starting with fancy drinks: myself having their drink speciality Mai Tai’s, while DOS had  a tropical ‘virgin’ strawberry guava fizz, as he was driving. The Mai Tai’s were  served in a fancy Tiki glass, we would later buy a set of four to bring home.IMG_6855 IMG_6849


We had a full meal starting with two appetizers which we shared: Hawaii Island crab cakes and Red Snapper cheeks, paired with a glass of Cakebread Chardonnay. IMG_6851 IMG_6852

We each ordered an entree, but shared the two between us.  I ordered a delicious AHI tuna, while DOS ordered a stuffed Mahi Mahi dish with crabmeat.  Quite a large but delicious order, we still saved room for dessert!

IMG_6859 IMG_6861

I even tried my hand at chopsticks, though I wasn’t as good with those as DOS!

Although full, we did manage to have a delicious Kuau chocolate pie which was delicious along with the Mama’s coffee I had, while DOS had another Hawaiian coffee.IMG_6871

We had such a wonderful lunch experience at Mama’s we took a selfie with out waitress before leaving.  Outstanding service, food, drinks, decor – Mama’s is a MUST if you go to Maui!



I had commented while we were eating how much I like the table cloth and thought it would be perfect for home, and was happy to see they sold them at their small gift shop in the building next door.  There we bought the tablecloth, as well as the 4 Tiki drink mugs.

IMG_6874 IMG_6927

After leaving we took a couple last photos beachside, in front of the restaurant before heading out to our car, which is complimentary valet-parked for you.

IMG_6917 IMG_6918

IMG_6820 IMG_6815


After leaving Mama’s Fish house, we took a short drive and stopped at a State Park overlooking the North shore beaches, packing up our Mama’s souvenirs in our luggage so we wouldn’t have to be rushed with this when returning the car at the airport.

IMG_6931 IMG_6939 IMG_6930 IMG_6929


We then headed towards the airport, but made one last stop on the way as we went thru a small but busy seaside Hawaiian village not far from Mama’s.IMG_6949 IMG_6955


Totally spontaneous, we went by a bar and grille, Maui Brewing Company, which is part of the  ‘Rock and Brew’ chain. The restaurant was themed with lots of rock and roll and KISS memorabilia, influenced by the band, owners and partners.  By coincidence, this was the same ‘chain’  Rock and Brew bar that just opened up in Oviedo Florida not far from where we live!  There are less than a dozen of these bars, and we happened to stumble in one that’s the Hawaiian version of the one close to home!  We had quite an enjoyable hour there which was cut short only as we had to get to the airport. The place was totally rock and roll themed, including the beer sampler I got which had a guitar shaped serving base! I would have bought a couple of those, but unfortunately they weren’t for sale.

IMG_6975 IMG_6971 IMG_6964 IMG_6962 IMG_6960 IMG_6978

After we left, we then headed straight to the airport, stopping to refill the car with gas, next to this authentic surf shop which we browsed in pretty quickly.  No we didn’t bring a real Hawaiian-made surfboard home!

IMG_6984 IMG_6983

After dropping off the car, we checked in for our flight at the Maui Airport.


Although we were flying American back to the mainland, we first had a short flight on Hawaiian Airlines from Maui to Honolulu, aboard a small Boeing 717.  A short flight of 25 minutes, we still managed to snag two Mia Tia’s in our First Class seats!

We had a short connection of an hour and 15 minutes in Honolulu, so we didn’t even have time to go the Airline lounge before boarding our 767 flight to DFW.  It was a nice and quick 7 hour overnight flight, made more comfortable by the First Class, lie angle flat seats, allowing for some rest after yet another meal was served.  IMG_7011After an overnight flight,and another connection in Dallas the next morning, we took our last leg of the journey home to Orlando.  Tired from the trip, but filled with wonderful memories!  Aloha, Maui!  And Welcome Home!




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