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Ankle problems, Dieting, and I need a new roof!

I’ve gotten a bit behind with posting, but Steve (DOS) and I are doing well and staying busy.  This is a quick non-traveling post to try and stayed up-to-date. I’ve had three home office weeks lately which has given me time to catch up on a few things which I can’t do while I’m out of town for work. 

For starters, I had an issue with my right ankle and had to go to the podiatrist a couple times, but I’m walking ok now, although with an ankle brace for a couple months or so.  I have ‘flat feet’ and was walking around more than normal and must have strained my ankle as it was quite swollen and for a couple days I could hardly walk!  I had this problem back in 2010 and went thru physical therapy and got a custom-made Ritchie-brace then, but over time the problem went away, until now.  After putting me on the boot for a couple weeks, the doctor said I can use my previous Ritchie-brace for the next 3 months or so to give support to my ankle.  It really does help, and I’m getting around good, although I can’t being doing any power walks for a while.

Meanwhile, DOS and I started diets (once again!) right after we got back from Virginia via the Auto Train (last post).  One of the problems with traveling so much is the temptation to overeat, and/or not paying attention to what you eat in restaurants. I know; I’m also a fast food junkie which doesn’t help when I’m grabbing a quick bite to eat for lunch when I’m on the road.   A dead giveaway for me there was a problem is when I tried on several pairs of shorts and none of them fit comfortably!  So now the challenge is to lose about 25 pounds to get down to 190 or so for me, a bit less for DOS.  We’ve both actually done quite well, and are taking the calorie-counting seriously (too seriously I think as DOS weighs our food!), and basically doing a budget for our meals.  We’ve both started using the free app MyFitnessPal, and it really is awesome for keeping track of what you eat, exercise, water intake etc.  Similar to a money budget, it’s a food budget, and yes you have to count (honestly – no cheating) what you eat for the day.

For the first week it was tough and I was hungry quite a bit, but by the second week (this is now the third week), I was pretty used to it.  While I couldn’t stick to the 1,500 calories every day, I tried to keep to less than 2,000 calories, with a slight splurge on weekends.  So far, we’ve both done very well, and have lost about 10 pounds each, with a goal of a couple pounds a week up until Memorial Day when we go away to Mendoza, Argentina for a quick holiday.  We’re actually combing the low-calorie diet with a make-shift low-carb diet which is high in protein.  The weight comes off quickly at first; probably due to water retention, but the goal is to gradually reduce, and maintain a healthy weight.  It’s definitely a lifestyle change, and it actually feels good!  DOS actually rationed me out 8 and a half Ore’Ida French fries for me to supplement my 5 ounces of Friday night steak!

The other hard part for me in dieting is the brewskis and vino, but I can leave those for the weekend, with a low-carb Michelob Ultra, and a glass or two of vino with dinner.  DOS has been using the Coravin unit lately to extract a single glass of wine, instead of opening the whole bottle.  The Coravin is an ingenious invention that allows a bottle of wine to remain sealed while the needle penetrates the foil and cork and allows for a sample or two or even a glass to be poured, all while preserving the rest of the wine via the argon gas it simultaneously pumps back into the bottle as the wine is dispensed. For those of us on a diet, you drink less vino, but can have a nicer quality wine, without sacrificing or wasting the whole bottle.

And now that we have updated the patio lights, tiki’s and chairs, it’s nice having our light meals out by the pool.  


 Of course, Mendoza will be a splurge for both of us as we are going there for wine-tastings and wine-pairing lunches and dinners; definitely something to look forward to in less than a month!  We went to Mendoza twice last year, and are anxiously looking forward to going back.

Finally on the other home-front; I need a new roof!  Thanks to Hurricane Irma last fall, I’ve been waiting to get my roof replaced.  For the last few months I’ve had a blue tarp covering along the roofline peak where I had a bit of a leak from the hurricane last year.  I’ve signed a contract for a new roof, but as there are some many others with similar roofing problems, the backlog has been several months.  We’re tentatively scheduled to get a new roof right after Memorial Day, probably while we are in Mendoza.  Fortunately this time around is nothing like it was in 2004 when I had to get the roof (and much of the inside of the house) replaced due to the trio of hurricanes that hit that year, Charley, Frances, and Jean.  At least now we’re living safely in the house, but with some shingles blown off, and the tarp still in place, it’s time for yet another roof replacement.  For Florida living, 15 years is about all you get out of a roof, and mine’s at 14 years and holding!  Until next, time – Have a great day!

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