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Bangkok revisited . . .

It’s Sunday afternoon, and no, we’re not in Bangkok, but relaxing at home here in Orlando.  dsc00005I just finished packing for my work trip to Philadelphia tomorrow morning, and have some free time this afternoon to relax a bit, and catch up on the blog a bit.  Now that I finished the blogs on our recent Chile trip over Labor Day, I plan on going back and finishing up the blogging from our wonderful Vietnam/Cambodia trip in March.  We took a cruise/tour thru AMA Waterways, and started the trip with a 3 day excursion on our own to Bangkok.


I’m still learning this blog thing, so will have to learn how to post updates to the menu, but for now I added a link off of the main menu for four short videos I posted on You Tube, under my LIKE2CRUZ travel channel; all very amateur of course, and just for fun.

We actually ordered a new 4k Sony Camcorder today, which will hopefully improve the quality of videos for our upcoming trips.  Steve (DOS) also just got a Sony camera, so he can take stills, while I’ll take video.  Actually DOS’s camera does video as well, but this new Sony model AX53 camcorder supposedly has great stabilization, which I definitely need as you can tell from the previous videos.   The camcorder we ordered today should be waiting for me when I get home from Philly on Thursday, so hopefully next weekend DOS and I can go on a Safari!  Well at least to nearby Disneyworld’s Animal Kingdom (!) to try out our new camera gear.

Here’s a link to the updated river cruise Vietnam/Cambodia videos.  If you’ve been following this blog, you may have seen the other three videos I previously posted, but this includes the new one ‘Weekend in Bangkok‘, as dubbed to the song ‘One Night in Bangkok’.

Enjoy, and have a great week!

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