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Beach weekend and 90th birthday party!

We spent Saturday night with some friends we had met on the Celebrity South America re-positioning cruise back in 2015 at their beach home in Flagler Beach. Our friends Linda and John are from Ohio, but bought the property a few years ago, and are true “snow birds”; retirees escaping the cold winters in the north, and “migrating” to Florida for the warmer winter months.

Flagler Beach is a short hour and 20 minutes from our home in the Orlando area, and we drove up for the one night stay as we had some catching up to do with all of our’s and their travels. They are planning a trip to Africa soon, so they wanted us to give them some pointers. Likewise, they gave us quite a few pointers on some of their trips, such as to the Galapagos Islands.

They live in a nicely equipped three bedroom/two bath condo directly across the street from the beach, with wonderful beach views and balmy sea breezes.

On our overnight stay, we walked around the beach a bit, and toured the area as well as the intercostal waterway behind their property.

Sunset across the intercostal waterway at Flagler Beach

In the evening we took them to dinner, but not before going to the Winery on the Ocean! Technically across the street from the ocean, but it’s the first winery we’ve been to on or at least close to the oceanfront. They make both wine there, as well as wine “slushies”, which are like slurpie’s, but made with delicious frozen wine! We had an enjoyable couple glasses there; one regular slushy, and one glass of Cabernet.

Wine berry-slushy on the left and regular Cabernet on the right. I’ll have both!
Cut-off selfie of Dos, Linda, Charles, and Uno at the Winery Bar.

After the evening wine slushy tasting, we went down the road a couple blocks to the Funky Pelican Restaurant where we had a delicious dinner.

The Flagler Beach pier next to the Funky Pelican Restaurant

Flagler Beach has a three story limit on accommodations (except for a high rise condo that got built years ago), so the beach views are more or less unobstructed wherever you go. We enjoyed the dinner before heading back to their condo, and watching slide shows and videos which we projected on their big screen TV.

On Sunday, after a delicious homemade breakfast of blueberry French toast, we headed back to Orlando to our good friend Ben’s Mother’s 90th birthday celebration.

The party was at the assisted living facility near where Ben lives, and as we knew most of the family, it was a fun celebration. “Betty” looked wonderful and wore a princess crown for the event.

Brothers Dave and Ben with their Mom

At 90 years old, one can only imagine the world experiences and changes, (good and bad) that have happened in her lifetime. Even at my ripe old age of 56, there are so many things that kids today take for granted, but were not even invented when I get up – think cell phones, internet, social media etc.

Anyway, Happy Birthday once again to Betty and family, and here are some photos of the happy 90th milestone celebration. Hope we can make it to the ripe old age of 90 ourselves!

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