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Berns Steakhouse

Bern’s has to be the best overall steak house EXPERIENCE anywhere we’ve ever been.  Located in Tampa, Florida, this family run premium restaurant has been serving ultra-quality dinner experiences since 1956.  You can read about the restaurant here.  I emphasize the word ‘experiences’ as it’s more than just a super nice steak house; it’s truly a memorable evening you won’t forget.  With over 150 wines by the glass, including one of the largest wine collections in the world, fresh vegetables grown on their farm, aged premium steaks, 21 choices of caviar, a phone-book sized wine and fine spirit list, and a customer-service staff that’s second to none, you have an incredible dining experience!  Not only do they have the award winning restaurant downstairs, but a whole other dessert dining room upstairs for your after dinner indulgences. This extra-special dessert room is literally the icing on the cake, and helped to make our Aug 2015 total dining experience over 4 1/2 hours long!   Not that it felt that way at all; in fact our wonderful dining waiter, John, said as we were leaving dinner that ‘I hope you’ll enjoy the other half of your meal’!   And John was right!  After taking the complimentary kitchen tour, we were escorted upstairs to the dessert floor, and like everyone else, had our own private ‘wine cask’ to enjoy our desserts, cheeses, ports, coffee – total decadent!


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