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Continuing on . . . Seoul to Hanoi

Upon arrival into Seoul’s International Airport, we went thru the transit lane and cleared security. This was a fairly quick procedure for the transfer passenger, although we had heard it could take quite a bit of time if you are originating in Seoul.

We then headed out to the Korean Airline’s Prestige Lounge, and found what seemed like everyone else in the airport there as well! It was so crowded we couldn’t find a place to sit, and finally found two chairs together and cleaned off a dirty table. We only had an hour or so layover in the lounge, and found some food to eat including a salad and some chicken dish.


The coolest thing I saw was a Budweiser self-serve automated beer dispenser! You just stick your mug under the spighot and it automatically lifts the mug and pours for you!


We sent a few emails back home using the club’s free wifi, and soon it was time for our 6:20pm flight to Hanoi. this flight was aboard a 777-300ER, and while not as spacious as the A380, it was a very similar business class seat.IMG_9931 IMG_9934

Like the last flight Business Class was only 1/4 full, so I moved over to another window seat after our meal service to sleep. By now DOS and I were getting fairly tired after having traveled for nearly 24 hours since leaving Atlanta yesterday, so this 5 hour flight offered us a chance to get some additional rest.



For dinner we had a shrimp and salad appetizer, nice beef filet, and then ice cream for dessert. As this was now a night flight, it seemed fairly easy to sleep even with the window shades open. This flight went quite quickly, and I moved back to the aisle next next to DOS for landing.IMG_9942 IMG_9946 IMG_9940


We landed around 10pm, and met at the airport gate by a VIP service DOS had arranged. The young man quickly escorted us to the immigration area as we already had our Vietnam visas, and we were on our way to baggage claim. Our bags arrived fairly quickly, and fortunately they had made it thru the 3 legs of flying (Orlando to Atlanta to Seoul to Hanoi). Customs was easy as we had nothing to declare, and we were directed to a private shuttle service which drove us the 45 minutes into town. IMG_9955 IMG_9956







All in all, it was quite an easy process, from leaving the plane to arriving at our hotel; the Hanoi Hilton Opera district. As it was dark along the drive, we couldn’t take any photos, but it was interesting seeing all of the people out celebrating the Chinese New Year, with flowers, plants, outdoor bands etc.

When we arrived at the Hanoi Hilton around 11pm, it was very quiet, and we were the only guests in the lobby at this late hour. We were upgraded to the Executive Level, floor 7, which has a lounge for drinks in the evening (already closed) and a complimentary breakfast in the morning.

IMG_9990 IMG_9982 IMG_9983




Although it was late, we stopped by the public Sports Bar on the ‘R’ level for a nightcap brewski for me (which turned into three!). There were only a couple other customers in there, but it was a nice place to relax after a busy trio of flights.


So then on to bed, and many more adventures await in the morning.

Welcome to Hanoi, Vietnam! Nightie, night!



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