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Countdown to Memorial Day!

It’s Wednesday night, and I’m relaxing in my Hyatt Place Hotel room in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  I flew up here on Sunday as I had to be on my work site Monday morning this week.  I seldom travel on Sunday for work (usually Monday – Friday), so this was a bit of a change, and I’ve felt like it’s a day behind all week; i.e. it’s Wednesday feels like Thursday etc.


I flew up Sunday morning at 10:20am on American Airlines, First Class 4D, and had a 2 1/2 hour layover in Charlotte.  I had lunch at Phillip’s Seafood on the C-Concourse, which I always enjoy when I have enough time.  I took this selfie on the high-top table where I usually sit, and with my striped white and blue shirt, and the overhead lighting – I look like a sailor man!  Not intended, but funny when I looked at it later. IMG_8335 I had the grilled Ahi Tuna, which was prepared rare just as I like it.

Fortunately I’m flying back to Orlando tomorrow afternoon, although I won’t get back to MCO until 9:30pm.  I’m not even going home this trip, (staying at the Hyatt Orlando Airport) as DOS and I are flying to Dallas Friday evening for the start of our Memorial Day weekend in Honolulu.  It will be a quick trip, as we get to Honolulu on Saturday around noon, and fly back Tuesday night arriving Wednesday.  It will be a nice, but quick holiday getaway that we’re really looking forward to.

This week has been busy as I’ve been working in Glencoe, MN, about 45 minutes from my hotel here in suburban Minneapolis (Eden Prairie).  Eden Prairie is an upscale planned community and a nice place to live and work.  The Hyatt Place here is only a couple blocks from the Residence Inn where I stayed a couple weeks ago. The room is nice, although the bed is a bit saggy, and the internet is rather slow.  Other than that, it’s a fairly typical Hyatt Place Hotel, which is played out good for the business traveler with workspace, lots of power outlets, mini-fridge, and larger than average rooms.IMG_7395 IMG_7394 IMG_7393

The weather is nicer than last trip, with the exception of last night when we had thunderstorms with hail!  I drove back thru it around 7:30pm last night, and was hoping my rental car wouldn’t get damaged!

Since I’ve been busy all week, it was nice to have a sit down dinner after work, so I went to Don Pablo’s Mexican restaurant next door to the hotel around 7:30pm when I got back to my room. I was hungry so had both the steak fajitas and 3 crunch beef tacos.  And a couple draft brewskis as well.IMG_7436

IMG_8377 IMG_8375Now I’m just packing up for the week and getting ready for my checkout tomorrow.  Not much new to report as it was another busy work week, but did enjoy the drive thru the farmland once again to and from Glencoe each day.  I love silos, and you see plenty of them as you pass by, as well as scenic country churches.

IMG_7420 IMG_7402

Each morning and evening on my drive from Eden Prairie to Glencoe, MN, I passed thru “Norwood Young America”.  I thought the name “Young America” sounded familiar, and I as chatted with Steve (DOS) he recognized the name too – it was (and is) a huge mail-order rebate business located in this small town with its Young America mailing address.   I looked it up on Wikipedia out of curiosity.


Tomorrow should be a half day work, and then I drive an hour back to Minneapolis before traveling from Minneapolis to Philadelphia, and ultimately Orlando tomorrow night.

 Hawaii here we come!


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