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Day 2 of my Sentimental Journey

This morning I went downstairs to print my boarding pass and have an early breakfast at the Hyatt.  The breakfast was delicious and I had no problem printing my boarding pass.  When I returned back up to my room I decided to check the seats again, and noticed that the seating plan had changed.  They were using an old 767-300 and therefore the 2x2x2 set up.  I was able to change my seat to 2B, which is a bulkhead and first row aisle.  While I was disappointed that there was the old seating plan, I was glad I was able to get an aisle.  

 About a month ago it seems that American Airlines had finished many of the 767-300 aircraft to the new 1x2x1 configuration and has all the seating charts now showing the new configuration.  I have realized that NOT all of the planes are completed so there is sometimes a need to rearrange the seats when an older plane is used.  SO while a window seat is great with the new configuration, with the old seating, I have to climb over the aisle person to get out.  The flights to and from Hawaii from DFW all use the 767-300 aircraft.  On an 8 ½ hour flight, I would prefer an aisle seat if it’s a 2x2x2 setup.  I would always want an aisle seat regardless, if it requires climbing over someone, other than Steve, to get out. 

Since I had already printed my boarding pass, I wanted to wait until I got to the ticket counter to print my new boarding pass.  After checking out and going to the ticket counter I spoke to the ticket agent and she explained that not all the 767-300’s were re-configured yet, so sometimes they have to change seats around.  She told me that there wasn’t anything they could put in my record to change my seats to an aisle if they used the old seats.  When she went to re-print my boarding pass, she told me they had changed the plane again, back to the new 1x2x1.  This time I was seated in seat 8J, which was a window and the last row in First Class.  I was very pleased about the new configuration and would see how seat 8J works out.  I know how it worked out, it was an excellent seat! I know as I am writing this from my flight from DFW to Honolulu.  Now that you know I’m on the flight from DFW-HNL I will tell you about that flight.


My seat 8J on the flight is excellent for someone traveling alone.  It’s quiet and very private.  There is very little foot traffic as only the flight attendants walk by.  The First Class restrooms are in the front and the small section of Extra room in Coach, or whatever they call it, is behind me.  There is a Coach restroom about three rows back in Coach, no issues for me, unless I need a short walk to the restroom in Coach.  I generally use the First Class restrooms, but did try the Coach restroom once.  That Coach restroom is the handicapped restroom so it is a little larger. 


Steve (UNO) always tells me to keep things short and concise in the blog.  He tells me that as a general rule too.  I don’t listen to him when it comes to talking less, and it seems that that same thing goes for the blog as well.  Sorry Steve. 


Back to the flight.  As this is an 8 ½ hour flight, there is time for eating, sleeping, watching some videos and writing the blog as well.  My meal on this flight was Hibachi Chicken, which a nice salad and vegetable.  I forgot to take a picture of the main meal.  For dessert I had a nice ice cream sundae, with hot fudge, strawberries, pineapple and nuts.  I did take a photo of that.  About two hours before we landed I had a cheese and fruit platter.  Our flight departed about 30 minutes late, so we are scheduled to land a few minutes after 3PM.  I have arranged for a car service to take me to the Hyatt Waikiki when I land in Honolulu.  As I only have one carry-on bag, getting from the plane to the car should be quite quick.  Hopefully I’ll be at the Hyatt not too much after 4PM, unless the traffic is heavy, which can be an issue in Honolulu during rush hour.  I don’t want to call Steve too late and with the six-hour time difference, 4PM is 10PM in Florida. 

Later . . .  Steve (UNO) and I chatted on Face Time when I got to the hotel as he posted on the last blog.  Our posts are overlapping a bit, but he has more time since he’s home in Orlando – I’m busy traveling!




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