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Day Trip to Manly Beach!

Steve (DOS) and I took a day trip to Manly Beach on a Monday morning during our stay in Sydney. We honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I figured most people were just heading to the beach! Wow, was I ever wrong! LOL! Manly Beach is a suburb of Sydney and is not an island as I had naively imagined. We first took a short Uber ride from our Hyatt Regency Sydney Hotel to the Circular Quay wharf area to catch a ferry over to Manly Beach.

The ferry ride provides a quick and easy journey to Manly Beach, without driving out of the way thru Sydney and around to Manly, thus saving time and providing some relaxation on the way.

As we were lined up to get on the ferry, I thought we would not make that ferry (the ferries run every 15 – 20 minutes), but the ferries are quite large and two stories and there was plenty of room to spare. From the looks of other passengers, many seemed to be dressed for work, and probably commuting to Manly Beach for the day, while mixed in with the bunch of passengers were tourists like us, locals, and retirees like the two men who sat across from us who were spending the day in Manly Beach meeting some of their other retiree friends.

There are two ferries; a regular ferry and a high speed ferry, but the journey takes around 1/2 an hour with the high speed ferry only 5 minutes quicker. It’s super simple to use with your smart phone; just click on the Apple Pay button and you’re thru the turnstile; no ticket required, although you can purchase a commuter ticket as well.

Once at Manly we stopped by the information office and got a local map of the area. We then walked around the area, although DOS pushed me around in my transit wheelchair as I’m still not up to walking long distances yet. We both immediately found Manly Beach to be a charming seaside city; it lies along the beach area, with a non-rushed suburban Sydney feel to it with regular housing, businesses, office buildings, churches and restaurants etc. We headed down the main street at a leisurely pace, which runs directly into the beach.

After walking perhaps 3 blocks or so, past loads of souvenir and other shops, we reached the beach. As it was a Monday, it wasn’t overly crowded, but still fairly lively, although I’m sure nothing compared to the weekends.

The beach area has a long boardwalk area that stretches for miles it seemed, passing along quieter parts of the beach, with multi-million dollar homes looking down from the hillside cliffs above.

We passed by people walking their dogs, a large school group playing soccer down below on the beach, and even a built in rock pool built into the rocky section of the coast.

After a long walk/stroll with DOS pushing me in the transit wheelchair, we headed back to town for lunch. We went to the pub at the Hotel Steyne, which has the oldest and original pub in the area dating back to 1859.

The pub was lively and fun with a lunch-time mixture of locals and tourists, and it definitely had an old time, retro, atmosphere to it. We didn’t have beers at the pub, although there was a huge selection on tap, but we did have fish and chips for DOS and burgers and chips for me, both with sodas.

While they had seating outdoors, we sat inside by a window facing the sea and the passers by, some tourists and others locals going about their day.

After lunch, the many souvenir shops were calling DOS, so he had a look in a few of them, while I waited patiently outside, people watching, listening to one of the street vendors who had set up a station with speakers, name banner, and guitar, and could be heard down the street, and enjoying the beautiful day and weather in Manly Beach.

In a slightly humorous moment, I was waiting outside one of the souvenir shops up the street from the shop with us posing by the surfboards above. I wanted to go back and re-take the photo of me as I thought my tummy was hanging out a bit too much – it was! By this time we had moved on to another store, and I just happened to turn my head not even 10 minutes later, and a couple was carrying those same two surfboards up the street right past me! LOL! I thought the surfboards were a prop out front of the store, but I guess this couple owned them, and parked their surfboards out front while they shopped! So I guess if you snooze you lose for a photo!

We eventually headed back to Sydney around 3pm, this time on the “high speed” ferry, which is really only about 5 minutes faster than the regular ferry, and it wasn’t nearly as busy as the morning rush-hour ferry.

Going back, DOS took some great photos along the way, especially as we got closer to the Opera House and “Coat Hanger” Bridge.

As we approached Circular Quay, we saw a P & O Australia ship in port. While this was not the ship we took from Adelaide to Perth, it was one of their larger sister ships, the P&O Adventure.

For dinner we ate in a small family-owned restaurant near our hotel, called Cafe Amici. We got there shortly before it closed and as it was late on a Monday night it wasn’t very busy. We sat in the back overlooking the kitchen as the owner/server prepared the meal for us; a large pasta dish for DOS, and a pizza for me.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel, washed up, and got our clothes and things out for our early day trip pickup in the morning to the HARS Aviation Museum (next post).

So today while we only went for lunch, Manly Beach was a wonderful excursion for us, and will definitely go back next time we’re in Sydney, and hopefully my mobility will be better then.

Until then, Good Night from Sydney!

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