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Dining and touring The Boar’s Head Resort Charlottesville

On our last day in Charlottesville, Steve (DOS) and I drove up to the Boar’s Head Resort for lunch. I had always wanted to stay there, but even having a meal sounded nice so we ended up making a a day of it!

The sprawling Boar’s Head Resort (also known as the Boar’s Head Inn) is located on some 600 acres in the Charlottesville area, overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The resort is famous for its golf, conference, and spa facilities, although we were there just to dine and walk around the property, careful not to exceed the 17mph speed limit! LOL!

We had lunch at the Birdwood Bar and Grill, which overlooks the golf course as well as practice putting green. We had a nice lunch while we watched the players finishing up outside on the 19th hole, similar to the Tuscawilla Country Club we belong to back home.

After lunch, I bought a hat a golf shirt in the pro shop. The bird is the logo of the golf course, as in the Birdwood Bar and Grill, and it shows prominently as an icon on the polo-like golf shirt.

We then had a leisurely walk around the property, walking past some of the guest room buildings and conference center.

We also passed the Mill Room, which is the dinner restaurant, and decided on a whim to make reservations for dinner that (our last) night in Charlottesville.

We ended up spending the better part of the day at the beautiful Boar’s Head Resort, before heading back to our hotel to pack up a bit for our trip back to Florida in the morning.

After a shower and a nap, however, we headed back to the Boar’s Head Resort for dinner in the Mill Dining Room. We had an outstanding dinner there, with superb, and friendly (not at all snooty) service.

On Sunday, prime rib is the specialty of the house, so it didn’t take us long to decide on what to have for our main course! The Mill Room even had fancy knives to cut the meat with!

We had a very leisurely multi-course dinner at the Boar’s Head Resort, and vowed to stay there sometime when we are in Charlottesville.

After heading back to the hotel, we finished packing the car up, and prayed that it wouldn’t get broken into overnight as it was full to the brim. In the morning (Monday) we head home on the Auto Train after a 3 week plus trip. Having spent our day at the Boar’s Head Resort was really a nice finale to our trip!

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