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Dinner at Cole’s Chop House

In the last post I detailed our Platypus Wine Tour thru Napa Valley, and this post continues on where that one left off.  We got back to the Andaz Hotel after our tour ended around 5:30pm.  After carrying in our wine and other purchases (and stacking them in our two wine-carrier checked-luggage valets) we didn’t have much time to relax, shower, and get ready for our 7:15pm dinner at Cole’s.

Fortunately, we did manage to get a half hour of relaxation down at the level 2 Terrace bar at the Andaz.  The Andaz hotel is ultra-deluxe, yet California casual and as we were only here two nights, we really didn’t get a chance to see all that it offers, so it was nice to at least have a quick brewski on the Terrace.  DSC03312

Seated outside by the winter fire pit, we chatted with another couple from the comfort of our rocking chairs.  Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved to rock – and here I could have a brewski outdoors and rock and chat – perfect form of relaxation! IMG_4909

We then headed down to the lobby, and walked to Cole’s Chop House, which was a short 3 or 4 blocks walk from the hotel. We were seated promptly for our 7:15pm reservation, which was nice as the restaurant was packed.  Cole’s also has an upscale, California elegant-casual type feel to it, which is enhanced with its’ high ceilings covering the main level and soaring over the second floor loft seating area.  We were seated on the second floor loft area which I preferred as it was away from the bar and felt a bit more private.  The only downside is the restrooms are downstairs, so after having a fair share of vino and water, we got our exercise walking up and down the stairs!   IMG_4931


The upstairs loft only occupies perhaps a third of the dining area,  allowing for a nice overlook over the first level.IMG_4910 IMG_4932

IMG_4937As on the Napa Wine train, we brought a nice bottle of wine; this time Roy Cabernet Sauvignon DSC03324we had purchased at Vinter’s Collective just across the street here in Napa.  We also bought a bottle of Grgich Hills Fume Blanc DSC03318at Coles to have with our appetizer, thus waving the one bottle corkage fee, as well as allowing for a nice dinner with white for the appetizers, and red for the main course and dessert.

We each had different appetizers: Oysters Rockefeller for DOS, IMG_4921




and a grilled Prawn Cocktail, and both were was delicious! Paired with the wine, it was a perfect match!







IMG_4915 IMG_4911

We then shared a huge Cesar salad so we wouldn’t be so stuffed for our main course and dessert.  For the main course, Dos had the 21 day dry-aged New York Strip, while I had the Ribeye.  Again, both steaks were outstanding, and cooked just right.  We enjoyed our dinner so much we neglected to take any pictures until after dinner coffee! IMG_4926







After dinner we bought a Cole’s dinner plates and a cap to take with us as reminder of a wonderful evening of dining in Napa Valley.  We chatted briefly with the manager on the way out, thanking him and staff for outstanding dining experience, and he took this photo of us by the front wine cooler.IMG_4935

And one final photo as out front of Cole’s as we left.  ‘Twas a wonderful night out at Chops!


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