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Dinner at Mo’s in Milwaukee

We had a wonderful dinner at Mo’s Steakhouse in downtown Milwaukee during our recent weekend visit there. Mo’s is typical of the Wisconsin Supper Clubs in that it is family owned, has been established for years, and has a lounge with live entertainment. Steve DOS and I dined in several restaurants in the Milwaukee area, and Moe’s was definitely our favorite.

Moe’s was walking distance from our hotel, the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee, and as the weather was pleasantly Spring-Milwaukee mild, we enjoyed our walk to and from Mo’s. There is both a Mo’s Steakhouse where we went for dinner, and a Mo’s Irish Pub directly across the street.

Once inside, we were promptly seated for our 7:30pm reservation, and had a nice window seat in the intimate and elegant dining room. Throughout the evening, we had impeccable service from both our servers Danielle, and Hector.

First course shared appetizer of meatballs with Steve UNO
and Steve DOS

While we didn’t take a whole lot of photos as we so enjoyed our evening meal, suffice it to say it was an outstanding night of food, drink, and service. As always, we requested our meal to be a leisurely one, as we like to have a nice Cabernet, appetizers, followed by salad, main course, and ultimately dessert.

Francsiscan Cabernet Sauvignon Magnificant 2009
Danielle pours our 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon into a fancy decanter.

At Mo’s however, we took leisure to another level, and took a break in the piano lounge prior to being served our entree. While waiting for our steak entree, Danielle told us to relax, have a cocktail in the lounge, and she would come get us when our entree was ready. At the piano bar, I requested the song “Beauty and the Beast”, which fit the classy atmosphere very well.

Lounge area of Mo’s where we had an ‘intermezzo’ from our main course.
Relaxing in Mo’s Lounge while waiting for our Main Course

Here are a few photos of our meal, and afterwards with our servers Danielle and Hector. As an added surprise, Danielle and Hector presented us with a complimentary dessert platter (like we needed it with all that food! LOL!), which was wonderful medley of cheesecake, chocolate cake, and chocolate-covered gelato.

Steve UNO, Danielle, Steve DOS and Hector at Mo’s Restaurant

Mo’s was definitely a place we will return to on our next visit to Milwaukee, and we both recommend it when visiting there. Thanks Danielle and Hector for making our dinner at Mo’s extra special!

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