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Dinner at the 94th Aero Squadron – Miami

It’s late Friday night and I’m writing this from the Hilton Hotel Miami Airport, and heading to bed shortly – sorry in advance for any typos or incoherent statements.

Steve (DOS) and I flew down here this evening from Orlando to Miami as a an overnight stopover for our flight to San Juan tomorrow.  I guess you could call this another Way-Cation weekend as we’re coming back on Sunday.

Our flight to Miami was slightly delayed due to weather, so we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s near our gate.   IMG_8524Even though we were in First Class, there was no service on this quick flight due to the bumpy weather (which is why we were delayed due to the stormy conditions in the area). Here we are taking off from Orlando, glancing out the window at the Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa jumbo jets parked at the terminal.  IMG_8530 I napped a bit on this flight, but as we got close to Miami, I perked up when I looked out the window and saw some of the cruise ships sailing.  DOS was sitting by the window, so I’ll give him credit for taking these photos of the cruise ships, Miami Beach,  Bayside Market area and Downtown Miami.  We landed smoothly, and the storm had fortunately passed by the time we landed.

IMG_8533 IMG_8535 IMG_8534IMG_8537

IMG_8539 IMG_8545 IMG_8547As we had only carryon luggage, we headed over to the courtesy shuttle pickup area, where we quickly caught the shuttle to the Hilton Miami Airport.  IMG_8311We had booked a balcony room, but were pleasantly surprised to get upgraded to a one bedroom suite with a balcony overlooking the runway.  I’m a lifetime Hilton Diamond member, so I guess the perks do actually work sometimes; especially on weekends when there’s not a lot of business people in the hotel.

IMG_8318 IMG_8316 IMG_8341 IMG_8331

We watched the planes come and go a bit before heading for dinner.  While we’ve stayed at this Hilton Hotel lots of times over the years, I don’t really care for their restaurant.  Not that it’s bad, it’s just more like a coffee shop than a nice restaurant.  It’s fine for breakfast and lunch, but for dinner, I like something a bit nicer.  We researched restaurants in the area on Trip Advisor, and lucked out on our choice for the evening – the 94th Squadron restaurant, which was walking distance from the Hilton.


We had reservations for 8pm, and arrived shortly before then, and were promptly seated.  I must say, this was my kind of restaurant.  It was casually elegant, with an aeronautical theme, and overlooked Miami Airport, just across the busy freeway.  We got a window seat where we watched the planes take off and land all evening long.

IMG_8350 IMG_8346

While they had a regular menu, they also offered a nice price fix menu of choices for $39, which was quite a bargain, as it included an appetizer, main, dessert and coffee/tea.  DOS and I both had the HUGE shrimp cocktail,

IMG_8370 IMG_8369


he had the NY strip steak, and I had the Prime Rib, while both of us had the Key Lime pie for dessert.  We also ordered a bottle of Jordan Cabernet which was reasonably priced (for a restaurant) at $89, and our waitress graciously decanted it for us (sorry for the bright photo,I had a setting wrong on my iPhone and couldn’t adjust it much later.


The service at 94th was excellent, and it truly was a nice and unexpected surprise.  They even had headsets you could put on to listed to the air traffic control directing the planes right across the freeway!  As we dined, the sun quickly went down, and we saw lots of jumbo jets heading out for South America and Europe:  LAN, American, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Iberia, Alitalia, Swiss and others.

IMG_8373 IMG_8378

Now I’m finishing up my midnight brewskis in the Hilton’s Coral Lounge and heading to bed.  We fly down to San Juan at 11:06 in the morning for a quick Saturday overnight.

Buenas Noches from Miami!

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