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Dinner under a big tree!

After a fun-filled day of sightseeing in Saõ Paulo with Doris (in my previous post) we headed back to the hotel to drop off our souvenir purchases we had bought at the Market.  

The weather was gorgeous so we then took a late afternoon walk to the nearby mall; actually two malls that are connected via overhead walkway across the street.  We didn’t want to eat anything to heavy as we had a nice dinner planned, so went to the food court for a snack, and then walked around the mall a bit.

Later we went back to the hotel and showered and changed clothes for dinner, before going to the Grand Club on the 20th floor of our hotel, the Grand Hyatt Saõ Paulo, arriving just as the sun was setting, thanks to the hour time change the night before.

Our Concierge, Caue, had recommended the Figueira Rubaiyat restaurant for dinner, and Doris had actually driven us by there earlier in the afternoon for a dining preview.  The restaurant name sounded familiar, “Figueira Ruaiyat” and we had actually eaten at a another of their Ruaiyat restaurants last year in Santiago at the conclusion of our 3 day wine tour with Jose.  Ruaiyat actually has five restaurants in Brazil, one each in Mexico, Argentina, Spain, and the one we had eaten at in Chile.  They are quite a quality establishment, and like in Santiago, we had a most enjoyable night out.

We took a cab from the hotel, which was a little less than a half hour drive away, but well worth it. The ‘Figueira Ruiyat’ is an elegant,yet business casual restaurant offering outstanding quality food in a unique and charming atmosphere.  


The focal point of the restaurant is this humongous and live old fig tree that has a massive trunk, with branches that literally span the width of the restaurant.  The branches are so big, there are poles in place holding them up.  There is also an automatic misting device which provides water and humidity in the greenhouse like environment of a restaurant, with it’s windowed ceilings.  We had a nice seat with a view, just underneath one of the mammoth branches.

We thoroughly enjoyed our leisurely dinner and especially the atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant, not to mention the food and service. The large restaurant features a bar and cool wine rack display, with an open-view kitchen towards the back of the restaurant.

We had a full dinner with appetizers, salad, steak entree, and well paired with a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.

After dinner Steve (DOS) and I shared a dessert, and I also had a serving of Graham’s Port to compliment the dessert (and to make me a bit more mellow!).

As a bonus for the evening, we got a free photo of the couple at an adjoining table, who air-dropped us a photo of themselves via their iPhones.  While accidental, they came over and apologized, but I thought it was a good photo never-the-less.

I had heard that in Brazil (unlike in the US) that the waiters won’t bring you the check until you ask for it, as they consider it rude to rush you.  True enough, we could have sat there all night waiting on the check, but when we finally requested the check, they came with it promptly.  The host called a cab for us as we were leaving, and we were soon on our way back to the hotel. Ending the evening with a nightcap in the hotel lobby bar, it was truly a busy and fun-filled day, first with the Saõ Paulo tour by Doris, and later ‘dining under the tree’ at Figueira Rubaiyat.

‘Twas a wonderful evening of dining ‘under the tree’!

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