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Discharge Day! Class Dismissed!

Note: Wow am I behind in posting with this blog! Since we’ve been home from Singapore, I’ve been in 2 hospitals for a total of 20 days, including the latest Rehab hospital for 10 days. I thought I had posted this already but I think my “Brain Fog” forgot about it. Anyway here is the forgotten post, and I’ll update this soon. Thanks for reading.

Today is Thursday February 1, and I am officially being discharged from Encompass Rehabilitation Center at 1pm, after spending the last 10 days here. I say “Class Dismissed” as in a way it feel like I’m graduating from school after going thru the structured Physical (PT) and Occupation Therapy (OT) I’ve been going thru daily since I’ve been here. I even had dreams a couple nights that I was back and college and reminding myself not to be late for class; especially the last therapy session which was at 7:30am!

In my last several posts I’ve written about our wonderful trip to the Europe, The Middle East, and Asia, with our trip ending Christmas Eve Eve (Dec 23) in Singapore. I won’t recount the busy and hectic days from then and now as it’s already been covered, but today Feb 1st is a huge milestone for me by finishing the therapy program here, and then heading home after being gone for some 20 days (Encompass Rehab and Oviedo Medical Center the previous 10 days).

I can’t believe I’m saying or thinking this, but I’m truly going to miss this place! (And believe me I’ve never said that about any hospital I’ve been in, as good as they may be.) Encompass Rehab Hospital was a perfect fit for me during my recovery, and I felt like I was with family here both with the friendly nursing/doctor/food/ and housekeeping staff to the awesome therapy staff of PT’s and OT’s. When I came here 10 days ago, I could not even stand up, and now I’m walking with the aid of a walker, and even cautiously taking some steps stand-alone since yesterday. I never would have imagined the progress I made in 10 days thanks to the wonderful people at Encompass! Bravo, and thank you everyone!

It’s 11:30am now, so I’m going to pause this post until I get home later today as I have some appointment calls I need to confirm for next week, one of which is to get my outpatient appointments for continued therapy made thru Advent Health, which has a facility near our house in Oviedo.

Welcome Home Steve!

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