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Early morning Memphis Airport Pics



It’s 6am, and somehow I made it out of bed and met my co-worker at 4:30am for our ride to the airport.  My co-worker had a 6am flight, and mine is not until 7:00am.  Once up, it’s nice being at the airport early, as it is so quiet here this early in the morning.  Driving into the airport you could see Fed’x planes taking off from this their hub.  My co-worker is on Delta to Atlanta, and while he flies weekly like I do, he was still number 5 on the upgrade list – out of 50 people!  That’s literally half of the coach section of 104 seats!  Yet another reason I don’t care for Delta – everyone it seems is Sky Priority, and they’ve made so many changes to their frequent flier program it’s impossible to keep up with.  I’ll stick with US Airways/American, soon to be American.

I got my morning exercise walking from terminal C to terminal B, up and down the length of the quiet terminal at 5:00am.  Finally got something to eat at Lenny’s Sub shop, and was surprised they were serving lunch!  Nothing like a Philly Cheese Steak and Coke Zero at 6am!

I then walked around a bit more and took some photos of the awesome local artwork students had done posted on the walls between terminal B and C.

WP_20150122_006 WP_20150122_005 WP_20150122_004 WP_20150122_003



WP_20150122_008 WP_20150122_007Now sitting adjacent at gate C11, across from my gate C12.  While the terminal is virtually empty here at C, everyone seems to sit right at the actual gate, all crowded together. Busy Gate2 12
Not me, I picked a quiet area across the hall, with power ports, yet can see the gate area from here.  I like my uncrowded space. Boarding2

Anyway, boarding in 10 minutes at 6:35am on AA3014 (American Eagle Embraer 140 commuter-type jet), seat 3A; all coach but at least on the one seat side.  Long layover in Miami, and then on a 767 to MO at 2:30pm.  It’s a long day, but glad to get home a day early.


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