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Easter in Roanoke Virginia – He is Risen Indeed!

Steve (DOS) and I went to Roanoke for Easter Week to visit my family.  I was glad to see American Airlines (American Eagle) is flying jets once again into Roanoke.  I took this Embraer 170 which was a regional jet, but still had First Class.

We stayed at my parents house in Roanoke, which they recently moved out of to live in the Elk’s Home Retirement Community.  Their house is right up the street from my brother Andy and his partner Art, so it makes it convenient when we visit.  There was a gorgeous full moon; actually a ‘Blue Moon’ which was bright and very vivid shining above the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, although not actually blue in color.  Ever wonder what the saying a ‘Blue Moon’ means?  Quite simply it’s two full moons appearing in the same month.

Art’s daughter’s family was visiting from Ohio as well, so we had a good weekend catching up with them.  Here I am with her husband Steve, yet another Steve, so we nicknamed him ‘Tres’ for third Steve.

 On Sunday we went to St. James Church, where Andy plays the organ and leads the choir.  Andy arranged to have 4 guest trumpeters, including two from the visiting family: Steve (Tres) and his college-aged daughter Claudia.

Mom and Dad met us at the Church well before the service started via transportation we had arranged from the Elk’s Home, about 45 minutes away.  It was so good to see my parents, and especially Mom walking via her walker.  Until recently Mom had been confined to her wheelchair, but has been receiving Physical Therapy 5 days at week at Elk’s,and it definitely has helped. 


I had time to take a couple pics of the choir practicing off stage before the service started. The second photo shows my brother Andy at the piano.

The service itself was very nice with the choir, organ, and trumpets sounding on either side of the sermon and Communion.

At one point in the service the minister and choir assisted the children in the congregation with decorating a wire cross they had brought in for the service, along with several buckets of flowers to decorate it with.

When the service was over, we had our picture taken by the cross with Mom and Dad.

After leaving Church we went to Abeulo’s Mexican Restaurant for Lunch.  Mom hadn’t had any Mexican food since she moved to Elk’s Home in January, and she was missing it! She always loved going to Abeulo’s, and it was great having everyone together on Easter.

After lunch we drove Mom and Dad back to the Elk’s Home and stayed with them until dinner time, before heading back to Roanoke. I’ve posted this before, but here is a photo of the exterior of Elk’s Home (now called English Meadows Retirement Home) I took around Christmas-time, as well as an interior photo of the Grand Dining Room, which is over 100 years old and on the National Registry of Historic places.

 Yes, it was a beautiful Easter Day, and Christ the Lord is risen indeed!  We had a wonder Easter, and we were so blessed to have the family all together. Happy Easter, and God bless!


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