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End of the season part 1

It’s Sunday, January 4th and that sad time again when we have to say goodbye to the Christmas yard decorations.  I know the 12 days of Christmas goes until January 6, but as I’ll be gone this week for work and DOS back in Sarasota we took things down today.

IMG_1653Of course we leave the line of LED lights along the rooftop up year-round.  One, yes we’re a bit lazy to take this down and put them back up, but two we can change the colors thru out the year for the different holidays: Red for Valentines, Green for St Patricks, Red White and Blue for Memorial Day and Fourth of July, Orange for Halloween, and that brings us back already to Christmas!  See, wasn’t that a time-saver!

DOS took the blow-ups down: Charlie Brown singers, Santa and Reindeer sleigh, Huge Frosty the Snowman:








and the non blowups: the Nativity scene and Ferris Wheel.  I filled up three bins with the LED Net lights around all the bushes, and the big wreath atop the porch.   I must say everything goes down faster than putting it up, but it’s still a full day of work. IMG_1801


Here’s how they looked when they were all lit up this season.IMG_1652IMG_1660IMG_1576














IMG_1651 IMG_1575Afterwards we took everything to our ‘apartment’; i.e. storage bin a couple miles away. IMG_2088 The one disadvantage to Florida homes is they don’t have basements like up in Virginia where I grew up, so there is very limited storage space.  The garage full.  Spare bedroom – full (Halloween).  Other spare bedroom – getting that way, but moving stuff as we have time to the bin.  It’s tough keeping the house up when you’re usually traveling for work during the week.IMG_2090

Anyway, the outside lawn in now dismally back to regular year-round look.  But the inside decorations will stay up for a month or so; no rush to get those down.  But don’t you worry, as Frosty said ‘I’ll be back again some day!’

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