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End of the Season – Part 2

Most holidays come and go quickly, but Christmas is one that’s truly a season.  I remember years ago watching a TV movie in July, and there was a Christmas scene of shoppers, Christmas lights and window displays.  Yet even in July, the Christmas scene provoked immediate warm and happy thoughts, as if a light switch had just been turned on.

So it is, at least for us, hard to let Christmas pass until next year, so we drag it out as long as IMG_1649possible.  We still have the inside decorations up, and the outside roof-top lights, though we only turn the outside Christmas lights on for special occasions such as Valentines, St Patricks, July 4th etc with their respective colors.  Of course the pool Christmas and Tiki lights stay up year-round thanks to DOS.IMG_1484

Part of it is laziness of course as it does take a while to take everything down, and haul it back to the storage bin, but most of it is we really like having the decorations up.  The Christmas season comes and goes so fast, and as we both are only home for the weekends it goes even faster.

So what did we do this weekend?  More after Christmas shopping of course!  Not that we need anything, but Steve DOS is never one to pass up a bargain.  I reminded him that Big Lots had 75% off of Christmas, and that was enough to make a bee-line for the store.   Granted, this late in mid-January there wasn’t a whole lot left but it’s still fun to look. photo 2 We can always use wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, etc, but you often find something you may not have thought about buying!  LOL!  I couldn’t resist the red-neck Christmas tree plunger! photo 4

And if we didn’t have enough already, Steve bought some more clear plastic bins from Home Depot to store things in.

Still more Christmas in January, possibly February to post, but probably no more end-of-season shopping until next year.

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