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Enjoy the Friendly Skies!

After a busy week last week in Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas, I’m working at home in Orlando this week.  As I usually travel for work, every now and then I can work remotely from home like this week (and hopefully next week due to a project rescheduling), which helps me to catch up on things I can’t do while I’m out of town. The other Steve (DOS) is back at his home in Sarasota visiting with his Father until the weekend.

I’m still going thru photos and videos from our recent three week Bangkok/Vietnam/Cambodia trip, and will be doing so for quite a while due to the sheer volume of pics we took.  I got behind on the blog towards the end of the trip due to slow internet speeds, and need to catch up on the last week or so of that too.

And of course I’m left to sort thru all the junk, I mean, souvenirs we (DOS) bought on the trip. While some of them were good quality, most were street vendor souvenirs we couldn’t say no to.  Especially at Angkor Wat when we were literally encircled by the vendors as the sun rose from our 5am tour!  I don’t even think DOS remembers what he bought, so I’ve conveniently laid it out for him on the guest room bed to remember (and GO THRU THIS WEEKEND WHEN HE GETS BACK!).  For those of our dear friends who may be reading this, ‘Your’ souvenir gift is one of the quality ones of course!  LOL!



And if you’re wondering how we got it home considering we only left with one suitcase each and two small carry-ons, well we had to buy a couple extra suitcases to get home!  DOS even rode with a shop owner’s son on a motorcycle to pickup another suitcase to carry home all the items we bought in their shop!


And the entire staff of the store carefully packed our souvenirs up in our newly bought suitcase!


Packing gifts

Right now though, I’ve started working on some trip videos.  I shot several hours of video on this vacation, but try to edit them down to short 3 – 5 minute videos that I put to music.  Editing the videos takes days of time, so I’ll release these gradually as I do them in my spare time; i.e. give me a month or two.

For now, here’s the first video I finished today which is dubbed to the Steve Miller Band song ‘Jet Airliner’.  On our departure trip I did a post on the Airbus 380 which we flew as part of our trip to Hanoi, and now am releasing a short video of it.  The 15 hour flight was from Atlanta to Seoul, and was really an enjoyable trip!  We flew Korean Airlines in Business (Prestige) Class, and were seated on the top level of the Airbus 380.  Korean Airlines uses the entire top deck for Business Class, and it only holds a maximum of 94 passengers, in 3 sections.  We took the Airbus back from Seoul to Atlanta as well, but on the outbound flight there are only 22 passengers on the entire upper deck!  It truly felt like a private plane with two lounges (one self-service in the front) and a staffed bar at the back of the plane – very First Class indeed, even if it was officially ‘Prestige Class’  Coupled with two meals, (Lunch and Dinner), drinks, 180 degree sleeper seats, movies, etc, the flight literally ‘flew’ by (pun intended).

I uploaded this to ‘Jet Airliner video to You Tube, and am showing it here:

Enjoy the friendly skies!

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