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Exploring the Grand Hyatt Kauai

We’re staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Poipu, which is a quiet area about half an hour’s drive  from the Lihue Airport.  img_0818This oceanfront resort is absolutely gorgeous, without being overly fancy or pretentious.  The design is actually very similar to the Waldorf Astoria on Maui, where we stayed this time last year, and it turns out it was the same designer that did both resorts.  Like the Waldorf, the Hyatt sits on several terraced levels looking at to the sea in the distance. img_0800img_0801We learned from the Concierge at the Hyatt Club here that a local ordinance forbids hotels from being ‘taller than a coconut tree’, so the resort sprawls on and on thru out the many acres of property, with each section of buildings only a couple levels high, with the exception of the main tower.  By thoughtful design though, all of the buildings are connected –  even with the elevators!  While that sounds strange, we are on the ground level, but after walking a maze (and I do mean maze) of corridors, take the elevator up to the 4th floor ‘lobby level’ which is also ‘ground level’ due to the resorts sloping hillside design.img_0727

The property faces the ocean, and we get the morning sunrise views.  As we haven’t adjusted to Hawaiian time yet (with a six hour time change from the East Coast), we wake up early naturally in the morning.  By 6am I’m already up and watching the beauty of the sunrise, as I just walk out the sliding door onto our terrace and across the lawn to the oceanfront.


The Poipu area we are staying in has a few resorts, condos, homes, etc, but for the moment is still quite underdeveloped, relative to Maui and of course Oahu.  Truthfully, I hope it stays that way for years to come, as it has a feel of the ‘real Hawaii’ to it, with a natural ruggedness to it, beautiful coastlines, and not the influx of high rise hotels and condos.

img_0787 There are a couple shopping villages in the Poipu area, and we did visit both of them for some souvenirs and in search of restaurants. The first and closest one to our hotel was only a mile from the hotel.  img_0838-1Poipu Shopping Village was the smaller of the two and not as upscale, but offered a Whaler’s General store as well as clothing and souvenir shops, along with a couple restaurants.  They did have our favorite Hawaii T-shirt store, Crazy Shirts, and we and bought some nice dyed T-shirts there.

img_0821-2We love Crazy Shirts, which are located all over the Hawaiian Islands, and offer great quality shirts for a slightly premium price.  The shirts are dyed in a variety of sources, including coffee, tea leaves, and even the new products dyed in beer or pineapple!

The other mall, The shops at Kukuiula, was another mile or so up the road, and was more upscale and larger.

img_0825-1 img_0830-2img_0823-2We walked around there a fair bit before having lunch at ‘Bubba Burgers’. Bubba Burgers  is a no-frills burger place, (with only counter, no table service) but offers terrific burgers, fries, onion rings etc with cheap prices, and a cool atmosphere, with self seating indoors and outdoors.

img_0827 img_0828

You order your food, and then sit wherever you like.  Great place for a burger, and the price can’t be beat!  I told DOS, this was like the ‘Five Guys’ of Hawaii, for it’s fresh made-to-order products and great food.

img_0835 img_0834 img_0836

Back at the hotel we took our purchases back to our room.  While the Hyatt has self parking (free) and valet parking for a fee, the walk from the parking lot is quite a hike!  DOS dropped me off at the entrance while he parked, and a bellman saw how much stuff we had, and offered to deliver it to the room!  I declined, but that was nice of him, as DOS was meeting me back at the entrance momentarily.  We definitely needed a bellman when we checked in however, or we might still be looking for our room!  I kid you not, there are so many corridors you have to go down to our room (Suite 1007) that you could use a Segway getting there! I set my Apple watch to count, and it’s over 1/4 a mile from the lobby, not to mention the distance from the parking lot.  I’m not complaining as it’s great exercise and gives us a chance to burn off some of the calories we are overeating at the meals here, but you really don’t want to forget something when you leave and have to go back and get it.

Here are some photos of the hotel and grounds, Koi fish and Black Swan ponds, multi-sectional lagoon pool and beach, etc – quite a magnificent property.



img_0781 img_0758-2 img_0754-1

img_0802-2 img_0801-1 img_0804



img_0788-1 img_0768-2


img_0776-1 img_0791-1

Here’s a couple photos of our room as seen when we checked in on Saturday night, before we had a chance to mess it up.

img_0703 img_0704 img_0706 img_0705 img_0709 img_0713 img_0712 img_0714

And our view outside the room, which we walk right out too:



We had a magnificent dinner last night at Tidepools, which had a similar but better design than the restaurant than at the Waldorf, as it was better lit and offered a better menu. We had a seat overlooking the lagoon, and watched the night gradually get darker as we ate.  There was a special event setup on the other side of the lagoon, and we enjoyed the sights, sounds, and colors of the group’s celebration while we dined.

img_0854 img_0856img_0858


img_0861-2 img_0863-2 img_0862-2




img_0877 img_0872


Like many Hawaiian resorts, the hotel does seem to shut down early, most likely due to the huge time change from the East Coast, or even the three hour time change from the West Coast. After getting up at sunrise, there’s nothing wrong with that!  And tomorrow’s another day in Paradise!



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