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First 2015 Snowfall in Pennsylvania

Stayed last night in the town of Indiana, PA at the Holiday Inn there. Not a fancy place, but the staff was very nice and they had a restaurant on site which was a big plus.  Checked out this morning at 7:30am and headed with my co-worker out in the snow.  We worked at a nearby site for a while in the morning, and then headed to Lawrence, which was a couple hours away with the weather.  It snowed on and off most of the drive, but fortunately there wasn’t much traffic out.

IMG_1845IMG_1848IMG_1849 (1)

Staying here in Lawrence tonight at a Hampton Inn, and heading back to Pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll be working here again next week, and hopefully can see a bit more of this historic town.  It has a lot of beautiful old homes here.IMG_1851 (2)

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