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First flight of 2015

image4Took US Airways flight #826 from MCO to CLT.  Nice flight to start the year; perky flight attendant and awesome ‘Business Class’ seat on a Boeing 757. USAir (I know, short for US Airways, but soon to be American anyway) frequently flies this aircraft on the morning and evening flights, and it’s always nice to get upgraded on these as it has the 60 inch international pitch, with nearly fully reclining seats.  I was in 2F Window, and my seat mate was a nicely-dressed woman in a black pantsuit, late 50s (Platinum Preferred on her ticket) who had an aura of class as she read her New York Times.  She had a bit of an accent and like me, rested most of the flight.

Had a 2 1/2 hour layover in CLT, so went to the Admirals Club (formerly USAirways Club) for awhile, and then to Phillips Seafood for lunch. image6 Trying to stick to one of my New Year’s resolutions and eat healthier.  I had an Ahi Tuna meal with salad, but splurged for waffle fries instead of fresh veggies.  The meal was delicious, and the time I went (11:20am) it wasn’t very crowded either which was nice.

As I was finishing up my meal and getting ready to leave, and elderly many was wheeled up to the table next to me.  He had a cap on that said WW2 veteran.  He was by himself, and reminded me of my Grandfather in a way.  He must have been on a delayed or canceled flight as the Skycap presented a $10 voucher to the server for his meal.  Considered nothing on the menu was under $10, and he didn’t seem to have any money, or was confused at best, the waitress suggested the hamburger for $10.99 plus tax.  I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but as I paid for my meal, I handed the other waitress assisting him $6 to cover up the balance of his tax and tip.  She was so grateful, and I left, not telling the man what I had done.  Hope he has a good trip wherever he is going.

My second flight was on an Airbus 319, First Class Window seat 3A – US Airways.  The bearish man next to me was coming back with his wife (she was on earlier flight) from Naples where they had spent New Year’s.  We chatted briefly, and then the Pilot said Pittsburg weather is 18 degrees!  Ouch – coming from Florida were both of us!

Now in the Pittsburgh airport waiting for my co-worker, whose flight is delayed an hour from Chicago.  I’m writing this from the USAirways Club in PIT.  This airport used to be a major hub for USAir, but won out (and lost most of its slots) to Philadelphia some years back.  I was surprised to see the Club still here – it was always a nice club with the partitioned half-walls, giving it a more living room and cozy feel to it.image8image7







Finally, I took this pic below out the window while flying past downtown, showing the rivers, bridges, and skyline of the city to the left.


image5 2

Anyway, will have an hour or so drive when we get the car to our destination for the evening.


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