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First weekend in June

It’s Sunday afternoon, and we’re having a nice weekend at home here in Florida. Now that it’s June, it’s starting to get hot and humid, but we’re still doing our exercise walks either in the morning or evening, when it’s not as hot. After a hot walk, it’s always nice to cool off in the pool.

Last night we had a fun time at our bi-monthly neighborhood dinner parties.  This was started a couple years ago and we have about a dozen families that participate in the fun event, although usually a couple people are not available due to travel, other commitments etc.  The host home for the evening supplies the main dish and beverages, and we use an email signup sheet for the rest of the people attending to both RSVP and let others know what they will be bringing; i.e. appetizer, salad, dessert etc.

The dinners are usually themed events, and this one was good old summer, complete with barbecued ribs and chicken.  We both went a bit overboard (but not too much) with our new diets, and used caution eating but had a sliver (ok, two tiny slivers) of the red velvet cake we brought to the dinner.

Here a few of us are having pre-dinner drinks on the pontoon boat Henry had just borrowed from a friend for a couple weeks. photo 5 photo 4 photo 3No, we aren’t actually in the water, but surprisingly had the feeling we were, although we got some strange looks from walkers passing by as we waved!

Dinner was great, and it’s always good to catch up with the other neighbors. We’ve previously hosted a Valentine’s dinner and an Octoberfest.  Will have to see when we are up again to host, and theme an event around it.

Totally unrelated, but I saw a couple interesting things this week, and stopped to take a photo (how did we live without iPhones and others without cameras?)

This was a plane I saw when I was out at Sanford Airport this week at lunchtime.  photo 1The front cone of the plane was just opening up as I walked up, and the rear is used for cargo as well.  photo 2There are so many wheels on this plane!  I wasn’t the only person fascinated with it, as others were snapping photos too.  I looked this up on Wikipedia when I got back, out of curiosity, and as I suspected, Volga-Dneper is a Russian type aircraft/owner.  This must have been a IIyushin_II-76 plane judging by the photo and comparing it to the Wikipedia article.

And today while meeting my friends Ben and Tom for lunch, we saw this interesting car parked outside Cheddar’s restaurant, where we were eating.

photo 4Quite interesting, (if not a bit hot with the top down in the Florida sun) and worth a photo.

Have a great week!

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