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Flagship flight to Miami

Our Way-Cation LAX weekend continues . . .IMG_9536


In the morning, DOS and I had a lovely breakfast at the LAX Concourse hotel,compliments of Hyatt Diamond.  While the breakfast wasn’t a buffet, we could order all but two items off the breakfast menu complimentary.  I had delicious pancakes and bacon with berries on the side, while DOS had a nice breakfast omelette.

IMG_9526 IMG_9525 IMG_9530

IMG_9538After breakfast we checked out of the hotel, and took the complimentary shuttle the short distance to LAX terminal four to checkin for our flight.  The American Airlines terminal Four has a super-efficient First and Premium class checkin area, with the TSA pre-check conveniently located a short walk from the checkin counter.  We were checked in and thru security quickly, and headed to the LAX Admiral’s Club for some morning coffee.

Our first flight from was aboard a Boeing 767 from LAX to DFW, and we both had aisle/window seats in this this 1 X 2 X 1 configuration in First Class.  This flight had the international configuration with sleeper seat suites, which was very nice, but felt a bit awkward with the odd rows seat numbers placed away from the window a bit.

IMG_6850 2

IMG_6768 2 IMG_6760 2

We were in window seats 5J and 7J, so we were not together, but had the same configuration seat by the window.  The seats are built like an individual ‘cubes’ complete with table, individual TV, power supplies for your phone/Ipad etc, and have lay flat seats for 180 degree recline. There is also a table next to you, (which occupies the width of an additional seat), and for odd-numbered rows such as ours, it’s to the right of your seat, while on the even numbered rows it’s on the left of your seat.  For the odd-numbered seats such as the ones we had, it seats you closer to the middle row of seats, and feels a bit less private than the even rows, which are directly next to the window offering more privacy.  I guess it’s personal preference though, as DOS liked this arrangement as being right-handed the table is to your right to set your drink down.  I’m right-handed too, but I’d rather have the more private seat next to the window.  If you look at the two pics above, you can see the difference in the two seating arrangements with the one of me in an odd-row, and the man behind me (closer to the window) in an even row.

Anyway, we had a comfortable and quiet flight from LAX to DFW, and were served lunch on the flight.  I took a couple photos out the window as we took off from LAX as we flew over the airport and Pacific Ocean.IMG_6761 2 IMG_6766 2

The two and a half hour flight to Dallas arrived on-time, and with the time change we arrived into Dallas around 3:30pm.  As we had an hour layover, we stopped by the Admiral’s Club in DFW – D concourse, before boarding our connecting flight to Miami.

Our connecting flight to Miami, was aboard a Boeing 777 jet (the plane DOS used to fly) and as we were in First Class, this flight was outstanding – truly Flagship service and the title of this post.  Although DOS and I have flown millions of miles between us, we both agreed this flight from Dallas to Miami on the Boeing 777 was one of the best.IMG_9546

IMG_6794 2 Years ago when American first took delivery of the 777, the First Class section of this plane was considered their ‘Flagship service’ compartment, and it was definitely my favorite First Class seat  ever.  IMG_6779 2 The seats are actually a bit out of fashion with the newer ‘suite-type’ seats on newer planes, but we thoroughly enjoyed the luxurious seating arrangement the two adjacent seats in the middle section and last row of First Class.  I was surprised that the seats had the old power outlets that require an adapter, but on the positive side, the seats not only fully reclined, but they swiveled!  Yes, you could turn your seat to face your seat mate, and have a private dinner together with a table facing each other, and there was even a guest seat if you wanted to have someone join you!  

IMG_6784 2 IMG_6785 2




While only a 2 1/2 hour flight to Miami, this flight was ultra First-Class in comfort and service.  We were like little kids who had never flown with all the seat controls and swivel seats, taking photos, and having fun!  We both love flying and never cease to get excited with the fancy First Class seating, especially when we get a nice plane.  We had a wonderful dinner together on the flight to Miami, and with our swivel seats could eat right across from each other.  We both had the filet mignon, and lobster mac-n-cheese, and a cabaret with our dinner.  It was such as classy flight sitting across from each other, literally flying off into the sunset, and as we were in the last row of First, it was very private as well.

IMG_6844 2 IMG_6847 2

IMG_6865 2 IMG_6839 2IMG_6858 2

The flight went by quickly, and we didn’t even bother to watch the movies on our large individual TVs, IMG_6790 2preferring to chat over dinner, reflecting on the fun weekend, and anticipating our upcoming trip in February to Vietnam and Cambodia.  When we landed in Miami, we both agreed that was one of the best flights we’ve ever been on together, and it was truly ‘Flagship Service!’

‘Twas a wonderful weekend of flying – a fantastic ‘Way-Cation’!

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