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Friday fill up

It’s Friday afternoon and Steve (DOS) shows up from his weekly Sarasota commute with some of our wine purchases we had bought in Sonoma over Memorial Day weekend.  We had joined 4 Sonoma wine clubs while there, and scheduled to have our shipments sent to his UPS box (for holding) in Sarasota, two to four times a year, requesting they be delayed until Fall due to the hot summer weather.

We had brought home wine on the plane in our checked wine suitcases, IMG_3784and Steve had a case of Ledson  IMG_3050wines (winery shown below) shipped to us via two day air.  So now the fun begins with filling our new wine cooler!  It arrived on Monday after some delays (see former posts), but once placed in the kitchen I was very happy with it.  I waited the required two days before plugging it in, and on Wednesday it was set to the recommended temperature of 55 F.

When Steve arrived on Friday, he first adjusted the shelves a bit, and then immediately went to work.IMG_4072  Boy did he work!  He is super organized, so he IMG_4082first determined how he wanted the wines placed in the cooler.  He attached each wine bottle with a tag, listing the wine type and bin location.IMG_4083  He also is creating a wine menu with each wine so it will be easy to tell which wine is were.  We have two other smaller wine coolers, and he removed the best wines from those, and set them in the new wine cooler.

After working for several hours, the wine cooler was surprisingly fairly well stocked, although there is plenty more room in the 200 capacity cooler. photo 2 IMG_4076The wines that are stocked in the cooler are premium wines bought at the wineries (most Cabs and other reds) that we intend to age for several years, vs the older cooler we will use for wines ready to serve.

Steve found this video on the Costco web site, which describes the cooler in detail.  I thought it was interesting in how it compares storing wine in the cooler to the ‘cave’ concept of storing wine – hence the name of the company ‘Eurocave’.


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