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Fun in Memphis!

It’s Wednesday evening, and this has been a fairly easy week for me work-wise.  I’m working on a large project, but some things still need to be finalized, so I’m wrapping up the week a bit early, and flying home in the morning, instead of Friday.   I’m taking American back instead of US Airways, from MEM to MIA and MIA to MCO.

Last night went with a couple co-workers to Beale Street, which is a short couple blocks from the Doubletree Hotel downtown where I’m staying.  This Doubletree is very nice, which is unusual for a Doubletree; most of them are old and weathered.  This is an older hotel, but has been renovated and is quite comfortable with a friendly staff.  They also have a happy hour from 5:30pm to 6:30pm offering you a couple complimentary drink coupons.

Had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Memphis, at the end of Beale Street, IMG_2136and then went to B.B. Kings across the street from Hard Rock for a ‘night out’.  IMG_2135Got a seat in the upstairs balcony which overlooked the stage.  Don’t know the name of the band, but it was a fun night of blues/rock/soul and fun!  Quite busy for a Tuesday night, but I met some people at our hotel who are attending a Blues Convention in town, and it’s quite a big annual event, drawing people from all over the world.  Some of the people looked like they might have even been from a different world!  It’s actually neat riding the elevators with the musicians with their guitars, and fans attending the Blues fest – everyone is out having fun.

Just got back from seeing the 5pm Duck march at the Peabody Hotel,IMG_1945

which is right across the street from the Doubletree.  It was really a cool experience, I must say.  Here’s a link to the history of the Ducks at the hotel:

I should have gotten there earlier to see the ducks waddle down the red carpet – who knew what a crowd they would have for that! IMG_2187 But I still got a good view in the lobby of the ducks at the fountain, and the resident Duck Master, who gave a great presentation/history of the Duck tradition at the Peabody.

He invited people to go to the Sky Rooftop after the parade to see where the ducks live, in their ‘Penthouse’ caged in room on the rooftop. The view from the top of the hotel was outstanding!  You could see the Mississippi River and quite a few landmarks downtown.IMG_1999 IMG_1972 IMG_1964

Only a handful of people went upstairs, including me, and I got to meet the Duck Master, Anthony Petrina in person!  He is only the 5th Duck Master they have had since the parade tradition started in the 1940s, although the ducks have been a part of the hotel since the 1930s.

IMG_2198 IMG_1981 IMG_1996

Quite a fun nightly event to attend.  As the saying goes ‘The best things in Life are Free!’  So true!


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