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Generous Pour finale 2016

Saturday night we had another Orlando ‘stay-cation’ at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Conference Center.  We went last weekend with our friends Ben and Tom, and this weekend we went with our neighbors Kenny and Mary.  While we didn’t get the Penthouse Suite this time, we had a nice Metropolitan Suite on the 17th floor offering spectacular pool and Disney I-Drive, and Universal views in the distance, with Kenny and Mary right down the hall.


This weekend was much quieter at the hotel as there were no large conferences being held. We got our pre-dinner exercise with a walk thru the hotel and conference center.  We did enough walking around that we easily made our 10,000 steps on our Fitbit watches.  It was 98 degrees in Orlando, but fortunately most of the walk was indoors, and the conference area and hotels are connected via outdoor covered walkways.


We had a pre-dinner toast on our balcony before heading over to the Capital Grille for our 7:30pm reservation.

The Capital Grille is a short walk from the hotel.  This was our third and last visit to the Capital Grille for their ‘Generous Pour’ promotion, which offers unlimited wine from 7 selected vintages for $28 a person with dinner.  Considering the tremendous mark-up on wine at this and other restaurants, this is an incredible bargain, and we make a stay-cation of the event with friends.

IMG_3265 IMG_3266 IMG_3271

We had requested a quiet area with the waiter we had last week, Sebastian, and we once again lucked out with both, as we had a private room for the four of us.  It was actually a shared room with a few other tables, but no one else was seated here this evening, making it very exclusive and quiet.

Sebastian welcomed us back, and like last week, had the table expanded to a large round table, and graciously and neatly set it with the first 12 glasses of vino:  3 each X 4 people! In order we had a Pino Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and a Chardonnay from their pre-selected Generous Pour selections.

We sampled the wines while we reviewed the menu, and ultimately ordered several appetizers we shared: Shrimp Cocktail, Lobster Crab Cake, and Proscuitto-wrapped Mozzarella. Sebastian left the 3 different bottles of wine with us and made sure we were well cared for.

IMG_3279 IMG_3278Mid-way thru our appetizers, we ordered our main courses of dry-aged rib-eyes for all.  We were not in a hurry obviously for our ‘night out’, so we really had a nice paced evening of dining.  Prior to getting our salad course, we switched to the four red wines, and another 16 glasses, which Sebastian symmetrically placed on our table. IMG_3304 In order of the reds, we had a Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet blend, and Cabernet.  They were all wonderful, but my favorite two were the last two, the BV Tapestry, and The Leap Cabernet.  I can’t say enough about what a great deal The Generous Pour is if you’re a ‘wino’ – really great wine and plenty of it!

Our main course steaks were delicious, and as last week we couldn’t finish them all.  (We ended up taking the remains, and had a nice nice Sunday night meal of the leftovers.)  IMG_3310IMG_3283IMG_3297IMG_3333IMG_3299IMG_3306We did have a delicious dessert of the warm chocolate lava cake, along with some Cabernet.  Mary has traditionally been a white wine person, but I think we might have converted her over to the ‘red’ side after tonight – she loved the red vinos!


Actually, I think we all liked the red vinos as judged by our photos!

IMG_3324 IMG_3333 IMG_3299IMG_3341IMG_3338As we finished up dinner and paid the bill around 11pm, a quick (and embarrassing!) look at the table, showed a small spill we (ok me) had, when a glass toppled.  IMG_3348 IMG_3349I’m sure Capital Grille has experience getting red wine out of table cloths!  We then headed out, but not before DOS got a couple suggestions from Sebastian (who is originally from Chile) for touring wineries on our upcoming trip to Chile over Labor Day.IMG_3357

We then walked back to our hotel and called it a night.

The next day I slept in, while DOS met Kenny at the Concierge Lounge on the 26th floor, while Mary also slept in.  They both were so kind to bring us coffee, croissants, yogurt and fruit back to our respective rooms.  After lounging around for a bit and having my coffee and food, I was ready for the pool.  IMG_3367 (1)We all met down at the pool, and swam, lounged around, and had later had lunch their pool-side.  I have Hyatt Diamond status, which allowed us (and Kenny and Mary as they were on my reservation) to have a 4pm checkout; really a great perk – it’s like having a two day stay!

IMG_3364 (1) IMG_3368 (1) IMG_3370 (1)

But finally it was time to go home, a short 35 minute drive away from our ‘stay-cation’, as I had to get ready for my work trip in the morning.  ‘Twas yet another wonderful Orlando area ‘stay-cation’!







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