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Getting back into the working groove

It’s Sunday night as I write this, and Steve (DOS) and I are once again staying the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport.  I’m flying out to San Diego in the morning for the work week, and we enjoy staying here on Sunday nights if I have an early flight. While I wouldn’t call a 9:20am an early flight, it still makes for a relaxing Sunday evening with dinner at the Hyatt and breakfast before my flight.

In my last post I wrote about the recent car accident I was involved in, (I was rear-ended while driving home from Tampa), and while not seriously hurt, I did sleep quite a bit in the days after the accident, no doubt helped by the medication they gave me in the ER.  I took the week off from work due to medical reasons, which for me is highly unusual.  The doctor told me to relax a bit, yet somehow I felt guilty not being ‘busy’ with work, but it was actually nice being home for a week and not traveling.

Steve (DOS) took it upon himself to do some major Spring Cleaning, and made a major dent in the garage.  For the last few years, the garage has not been functional as a garage, i.e. you couldn’t drive a car into it if you wanted to, as it was full of ‘junk’ or should I say ‘treasures’.  In Florida we don’t have basements (unlike up north where I grew up), and there is no where to properly store things.  We do have an ‘apartment’ we call it, actually a 12 x 25′ storage shed we rent monthly a couple miles away, and store seasonal items there such as our many Halloween and Christmas decorations.  Lately, however, these have worked there way into the garage, and it’s been so full you could barely walk into it.  DOS worked hard at moving a lot of the items to the bin, as well as throwing away trash, and donating many items to Goodwill.  We also had some friends that had just bought a new house, and gave them a set of patio furniture and table that was brand new, but was just sitting in the garage, we had bought years ago on clearance, and have no room for now.  It’s nice to help others out and clean up clutter at the same time!

I also got to do a couple things on my ‘to do’ list; going to see my financial advisor, getting my hair cut, changing out my internet service to a higher speed, and getting blinds ordered for the house; all but the haircut involve being at home or at least in town to do.  DOS and I went to Lowe’s and ordered some custom Bailey faux-wood blinds for the entire house, except for the 3 slider doors, which we ordered bamboo type verticals. We had a couple measure our blinds earlier in the week, and we finalized the order in the store.  The blinds should be ready in a couple weeks or so, and they will install them for us.  I’m embarrassed to say I still had temporary  paper blinds up in the master bathroom from 2004 when I had the whole house remodeled/rebuilt to the major hurricane damage that year from hurricanes Charley, Francis, and Jean – all within a month of each other.  Also the blinds in the front dining room were literally breaking one by one, and DOS ended up putting up a curtain rod, secured by a wine cork to hold it up!  I can’t wait to get the new blinds – we have wanted these for ages, but are never home long enough to order them, much less upgrade the internet service etc.

On Saturday we went by the Oviedo Mall, which was having an outdoor airshow of sorts; actually a bunch of helicopters including the Sheriff’s office, Life-flight, military, Public Safety vehicles etc.  We walked around a bit outside the mall and took a few photos.

We also stopped by Macy’s one last time as they are closing the store, and down to their overpriced rugs and display case furnishings.  We skipped on buying one of the many ‘dummy’s’ still unsold.  It was sad seeing this once huge anchor store go out of business – the space is really huge when you see it without anything in it.

We had an impromptu dinner one night with my neighbors and their lovable pooch Charlie.  He’s always so happy to see us, probably because I always give him lots of treats!

We even took our Christmas tree down and moved it to the newly cleaned garage!  Well it’s only late March; not as late as last year.

We also had our good friend Tom over on Saturday night for a late St. Patrick’s dinner.

Now we’re in the Hyatt winding down from the week and getting ready for bed.  We got one of our two favorite 10th (top) floor balcony rooms facing the runway, and arrived around 5:30pm when some of the international flights were leaving or landing.   We love standing on the balcony looking at the planes, and could see several jumbo jets coming and going, such as the Virgin Atlantic 747’s, British Airways 777, Lufthansa 747, Thomas Cook, LATAM and others.

We walked around the airport terminal a while (which is always fun for people watching), and then went back to the hotel’s  very nice 6th floor exercise room, and outdoor pool terrace for a bit.  It was such a beautiful day in Florida, and the hot summer humidity has not set in yet.

When we got back to the room we were surprised to see a beverage setup of a couple Michelob Ultra’s (with Limes) and some snack mix had been delivered to our room!  How they knew I liked Ultra with Limes, must have been someone we have been served with before – truly a nice act of customer service, and as frequent guests here must somehow be in our profile.

Now it’s 9:30pm and heading to bed shortly.  Tomorrow is a long day; starting with a 9:20am flight to DFW, and connecting to SAN.  Fortunately I don’t start work until Tuesday which is nice.  So nightie-night from MCO Airport.  Will be back on Friday! 

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