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Good evening from the Grand Hyatt DFW pool deck

It’s around 6pm as I write this from the 9th floor rooftop pool area of the Grand Hyatt at DFW.  IMG_3231IMG_3235I didn’t bring my swim trunks, or even any shorts for this quick work trip, but it’s nice just sitting outside here and enjoying the nice weather.  I love watching the planes take off, and there is no shortage of planes here, that’s for sure!IMG_3220IMG_3224

I worked last night from 4am until noon, and fortunately things went very well, or I’d still be working instead of writing this post.  My flight doesn’t leave until 1pm tomorrow, as I thought I might have to work on-site, but as things went well, I can have a nice and relaxing evening, and not be so rushed in the morning.

I’m still trying to catch up on my blog and post some pics and video from my last trip to South America, as well as others, but I’ve been quite busy lately.  It’s nice to have some time this evening to write a couple posts, and not be rushed like I usually am on Sunday nights packing for an early Monday morning flight somewhere for business.

I just met the nicest couple from Argentina while I was writing this.  They and one other couple were the only people up here by the pool, and they had their luggage with them ready to fly back home this evening.  We had a nice chat about planes, Argentina, Florida, horses (she likes), and roller coasters (he likes).  I wished them well, and gave them my card, telling them safe and happy travels and I’d watch for their flight tonight taking off.  I just looked up their flight and they leave at 9:50pm tonight either on AA or LAN (codeshare flight for one or the other), as that’s the only nonstop tonight out of DFW to EZE.

Actually what started our conversation was the Qantas 380 mega-jet that was sitting on the tarmac being serviced.  IMG_3230I said I had some Australian, and some American friends that had just taken that out of DFW to SYD – quite a LONG flight.  I haven’t flown the Airbus 380 yet, but we are booked on a Korean Air A380 next February for our trip to Bangkok and Vietnam. Hopefully they won’t change the aircraft flown this route between now and then.

So it’s now nearly 7pm, and I’m heading downstairs to get some dinner.

Ciao for now.



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