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Halloween 2021

It’s now November 5th as I write this and I’m doing MUCH better with my recovery from my September 1st open-heart surgery. We had a nice Halloween at home, and unlike previous years we didn’t go all out on Halloween decorating, but still managed to put out some tiki torches, and a few yard decorations. This Halloween several of our neighbors setup chairs near the street with each neighbor handing out candy.

It very soon became an impromptu street party as the neighborhood swarmed with friendly Trick-or-Treaters, encouraging other neighbors to come out and enjoy the fun!

The kid’s costumes were really original, cool, and cute, and many of the parents got into the act as well! As it was a Sunday night, the Trick-or-Treaters started early around 6pm, and continued on for a couple hours as the night became darker.

By the time the last Trick-or-Treaters visited it was 7:45pm, and we still had some candy left over from the four bags we had bought. One of our neighbors brought some tiki torches over and we had a nice evening chatting with everyone before heading in for the night.

One final photo of us, with a slight eerie look to it lit by the tiki torches, with our house behind us.

Happy Halloween!

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