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WOW – I never thought I’d be writing this post!  Ten years ago today, I met my soulmate at EPCOT.  While I don’t have a photo of the moment we met, here’s a photo a few years later as we are jetting off to Europe.

EPCOT  Captain Steve, or as our friends call him DOS, and I met at the Coca Cola pavilion in EPCOT at Disney World. I would say precisely at 1pm, but DOS would later say 1:03pm. I considered myself on-time, but admittedly  that was the time I came thru the front gate, and it was a bit of a walk to the Coke pavilion.  Of course Steve was there patiently waiting for me.  We had corresponded online previously, and noted we had a lot in common – mainly travel and Disney, which are two big pluses.

It was also the day of the Walt Disney World Marathon, and it was just finishing up as we met.  We saw the runners, volunteers, and excitement as the end of the race was at the entrance to EPCOT, near where we met.

Little did we know, that the very next year we could be volunteers for the Walt Disney Marathon, getting up at the crack of dawn to cheer runners on (hey a rhyme!) and got to meet some of Disney’s finest up close! 

This first date however, we walked over and cheered on a few runners,and then went on our very first ride together ‘Mission to Space’.  We rode this when it was the original version of the ride before they spilt it up with a regular and tame version.

Mission Space








We had a great day together, and had a nice lunch at the Big River Grille on the Boardwalk.  We both had burgers, and being on our best behavior, cut the burger in half with a knife!  How classy!

Later that night, we stayed for the fireworks, and I remember walking out of the park, underneath the Winter Arches that were still brightly lit.  Christmas was over, but these decorations had not been taken down yet.  The arches are no longer there, but this was a fond memory of ours for years to come.  I only wish Disney would bring the Winter Arches back to EPCOT!

Looking back, this was probably the worst time in my life to meet someone.  I had just been thru the September hurricanes of 2004 (Charley, Francis, and Jean), and my house had been unlivable for several months.

Steves Bedroom1Steves bedroom ceiling

Bedroom mess Bedroom cleanup

I have the absolute best neighbors in the world, and the whole neighborhood helped me out during this difficult time.  I stayed with my neighbors Kenny and Mary for several months, while Kenny and his contracting business helped re-roof, re-build, and remodel my house. Steves roof rebuilding000_1747Smiley House boarded up

Then out of nowhere, an angel sent me Steve (DOS). DSC00870 He saw thru my stresses of the time, and sympathized from what I was going thru.  He joked, (but was serious) when he said this is an ideal time to see your house when it’s a mess – you have the perfect excuse!  He had been thru major remodeling years before, and knew what it was like.

Yes, we met at what seemed like the most unlikely of times, but it turned out to the best thing ever.  Always remember to keep your eyes open when your lest likely to look for something!  My parents had a poster on the wall when I was growing up that said “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans”.  So true is that!

Today I’m flying home to Orlando from Pittsburgh for the anniversary weekend.  I’m looking forward to having Steve meet me at MCO around 4:25pm when I get in.  Not sure what we’re going to do this weekend, but whatever it is, it will be fun!  I’d like to go thru some old pictures and videos thru the years as a look back.

Here’s the first gallery I’m posting, and it’s some pictures I pulled of us over the years, in no particular order,


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