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Happy Birthday Summer!

In my last post I noted DOS and I have been living in Roanoke, Virginia temporarily as we assist my parents with their healthcare and transportation needs. My parents are both doing much better, but Dad still has a ways to go before he can fully use his walker again, and is undergoing Physical, and Occupational therapy. Here he is all smiles with Barnabas (my brother Andy’s dog), as I drive him to Bedford to see Mom.

Growing up, all of our family’s birthdays were in summer, with Dad and my sister Jenni’s in June, while my brother Andy, and my Mom’s in July, and mine close by in early August. Of course everyone’s birthdays are still the same today, but add in friends, in-laws, co-workers, acquaintances etc, and it always seems to be an occasion to have a birthday party!

In early July my brother Andy and his partner Art both had birthdays, followed by my Mom’s birthday on July 30th, and mine on August 2nd. As DOS and I are staying at Mom and Dad’s old house in Roanoke (which is right up the street from my brother Andy and his parter Art), we’ve gotten to know some of their neighbors from our frequent trips to Roanoke. I’ve updated their front flower bed, and the August flowers are starting to get established with the frequent summer rains.

Andy’s neighbor across the street, Sandy, had a birthday get together recently, and celebrated Andy’s, Art’s, and my birthday, along with several of their neighbors. We had an informal cook-out, and I was glad to grille the burgers and hotdogs, plus supply the red vino.

A few days later, DOS and I took Mom out to lunch at the Train Station Restaurant for her birthday, so named as it’s right beside the train tracks near their retirement community at Elk’s Home. The Train station has many authentic antiques, railway schedules etc, as well as great food.

Here I am with Mom and Dad, happy to be back together for a visit.

It’s now August and we are still in Virginia, though celebrating my birthday now, which DOS, Andy and Art have dragged it out for nearly a week!

We started out the weekend at Billy’s Restaurant in downtown Roanoke, where DOS took Andy, Art, and myself to dinner. We love Billy’s Restaurant and always get great service from the servers and manager Matt. Billy’s is always an Uber ride to the restaurant as we have some nice vinos and cocktails with dinner our dinner experience.

Our waiter Stephen (another Steve!) wearing his Rocket Man glasses another table had given him after watching the movie of the same name. Rocket Man . . .

So I’ll close this post on a Happy Birthday note. In the next post, my birthday continues as we head to Charlottesville, Virginia for a quick get-away and some more birthday celebrations.

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