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Happy Easter 2021! He is Risen Indeed!

This was a painting Mom and Dad had at their house of Mary at the tomb, with the risen Jesus standing behind her as she weeps, not realizing he has been resurrected. I post this each year to Facebook.

We are spending Easter at home in Florida this year due to COVID. As we leave the Christmas lights up year round (turned off except for Christmas and certain holidays), we set the lights for Easter pastel colors and lit up the house for the Easter Weekend.

As it’s now Spring and with so many people getting vaccinated daily, businesses, flowers, Churches and rekindling friendships are all opening back up. DOS and I both got our second shots this week (Moderna) so we are fully vaccinated!

We are starting to go out more, and have been much more active in the community lately, as are many others. Last night (Saturday) we went to our Church service (Methodist) for the contemporary service, while we watched the more traditional Sunday service via Facebook livestream today. Here’s a photo of the sanctuary platform prior to the service, with the linen wrappings on the Cross and the stage adorned with Easter Lilies.

The musical chorus finished the service with a beautiful song called “This is Jesus”. The song is embedded below from You Tube, and is a very powerful and meaningful song. Our assistant Pastor arranged this with alternating narrators offering some of the comments from the videos, which were short testimonials; quite moving.

As I heard the song, intermixed with the testimonials, I kept thinking of some of the hard times or difficult situations I’ve had in my life over the years (house severely damaged by hurricanes in 2004, brain aneurysm scare, job/travel issues and difficulties, deaths in the family, and my broken neck in 2019). Looking back, I wasn’t always thinking of Him, but Jesus was with me thru bad and god. Whether you believe in Him or not, Jesus is there for you as well in good and bad times; you just might not see him if you’re not looking.

While I didn’t film this during the service, I am attaching the You Tube version as performed by Dolly Parton and Zach Williams. There are several versions of this on You Tube, including a shorter one they performed at the CMA 2019 awards.

Here is the official video version Dolly Parton and Zach Williams did, courtesy of YouTube. May God Bless you and your families on this blessed Easter!

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