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Happy Easter from Roanoke!

I got back from my work week in San Diego on Friday evening around 5pm. I was home just overnight as Steve (DOS) and I headed up to Roanoke, Virginia on Saturday to see my parents for Easter.  As I’m not traveling for work next week, I will work ‘home-office’ from Roanoke, one of the perks of the modern day mobile society.

We flew out of Orlando to Charlotte on Saturday at 2pm, on an American Airlines Airbus 330 jumbo jet.  DOS and I were a bit bummed we didn’t get upgraded on this short flight, as they are the international sleeper type seats, not that we needed to sleep on the hour and a half flight.  It was actually comfortable in coach with the individual TV’s, although I wouldn’t want to sit back there for an international overnight flight.

We had a quick connection in Charlotte (45 minutes), and hurried the long trek over from Terminal B to Terminal E, which involves several moving sidewalks along the way.  Fortunately not only did we make our connecting flight to Roanoke, but the luggage actually made it too!  Believe me, for this leg of the flight (CLT to ROA) this is highly unusual; either the flight is normally delayed, the luggage lost, or flight is canceled.  Fortunately we had a nice and quick 45 minute flight on the Dash-8 prop-jet.

I actually like flying on the Dash-8 as long as it’s not too windy.  You have a great view from the windows as the wings are high up above the windows, and you can actually see the wheels be retracted on take off or lowered for landing!  Here’s the takeoff, and flying out of Charlotte, with the downtown (actually UPTOWN they call it) and the stadium in view.

We picked up a rental car once in Roanoke and headed over to my brother Andy and his partner Art’s house, where we will be staying this week, conveniently located just five houses away from my parents house.  

Once we arrived at Andy’s, Barnabas their adorable miniature poodle puppy ran out to see us – I think he remembered us from last month.

We stopped by my parents for a while, bringing my parents an Easter flower arrangement and Orchid. Mom is still recovering from her hip surgery, but she was glad to see us, and gets around ok with her walker for balance.  

As it was getting dark and Mom was getting ready for bed, DOS and I headed out to dinner at Outback.  Andy and Art were at their Easter eve service until nearly 11pm, so we had dinner on our own.

Today, Easter Sunday, we went to Andy and Art’s Church.  The service was very uplifting, with the music, message, trumpets, Andy on the organ as well as leading the choir, and a poignant moment as the children decorated a large cross with flowers.  

The weather in Roanoke was beautiful today, and the flowers and dogwood trees were in full bloom.

After church we went to Billy’s (formerly Billy Ritz) Restaurant in downtown Roanoke.  We had a terrific Easter Brunch, and I think we all overate on the Prime rib, shrimp cocktail, salmon, bacon, 7 cheese macaroni and cheese, crab cakes, salads, etc.  Oh and then maybe a little dessert!  Did I say it was delicious!

We ended up the day with a 7pm dinner at Andy and Art’s house; not that we needed to eat again after the HUGE brunch.  

After dinner, Andy passed out Easter baskets for Mom and Dad, and DOS and me.  Mom enjoying showing off her new straw hat!

Today was truly a wonderful Easter visiting family in Roanoke, and celebrating the risen Jesus.  May all who read this be blessed with the message and forgiveness of Easter, and prayers for world peace. 



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