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Happy Father’s Day 2016

Today is Sunday, July 19th and is Father’s Day in the United States, a time to honor our Father’s.  My Dad is 83 and lives in Roanoke, Virginia, while Steve (DOS)’s Dad is 95 and lives in Sarasota.  My Dad is a retired Baptist minister, while DOS’s Dad is a retired executive for a major oil company.

Unlike Mother’s Day this year, we did not travel to Virginia for Father’s Day, but did FaceTime Dad, as well as send a card and a shared gift from we three children. (My brother lives in Roanoke, so he presented the gifts to Dad, as my sister lives in Maryland and myself in Orlando. Pic from last Christmas).IMG_8587

As I was looking up Father’s Day on the web, I came across a couple interesting link.  The first one from Wikipedia tells not only the history of Father’s Day, but how and when it is celebrated in different countries throughout the world.  The second link from International Business Times is a fun link I saw that gives a bit of trivia about Father’s Day.

Here are a couple photos of my Dad, Mom, and myself from last Thanksgiving and Christmas in Roanoke.


IMG_6554 (1) IMG_8563 IMG_7679 IMG_7691

And a Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

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