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Happy Pre-Birthday Steve “DOS”!

For those who read this blog regularly, you know that we are both Steve’s; I’m sometimes referred as Steve number one or in Spanish “Uno”, while the other Steve is nicknamed “DOS”, for Spanish two.  My family picked up on that cute nickname so we could distinguish our names in conversation and it stuck.

Anyway, we’ve both been super busy this month of October and since we got back from Africa.  I’ve worked on three different projects, and have been otherwise busy catching up on quite a few things (such as his birthday party shown below); and more in the next post.  As I write this it’s his actual birthday, October 26th, and we are heading to Miami in about 15 minutes, and then onto Montiveido, so I’m rushing to write this. 

Last Saturday, I threw a small party of eight at the Fishbone’s in Lake Mary, Florida.  (Not to be confused with the chain Bonefish).  My friends Ben and Tom went, my neighbors Kenny and Mary, Kenny’s sister Lorainne, and Mary’s sister-in-law Kathy.  It was actually birthday month, and DOS, Tom, Kenny, and Kathy all had birthdays this month, (well Kenny was September technically, but both he and DOS were celebrating the big 6-0)!

I sat the four birthday party on the same side of the table, while the others sat across from them.  Fishbone’s is a nice local restaurant; casually upscale, and we had reservations for 7:00pm.

I really was rushed to get everything ready without him knowing; from LED candles on the table, Disney confetti sprinkles, name plates I made with corks and cocktail umbrellas, custom photo birthday cards, and a couple surprises such as LED necklaces and for dessert, special LED Mohawk headbands!  Another waitress helped me out, genuinely wanted to help, and even though she wasn’t our waitress, came by several times throughout the night to check on us.  She really got into all the fun, as did the fellow diners and our waiter.

Fishbone’s has quite pricey wines, but they also have a reasonable corkage fee of $20 a bottle, so we brought 6 bottles of nice wines we had acquired on our trips that you couldn’t buy there.  We put them in an insulated cooler (two whites and four reds) thinking we would never go thru that much in one meal!  Yeah, right!

I also treated DOS to the Marriott hotel next door so we didn’t have to drive, with the others planning on Uber’ing to the restaurant.

Well, pause for now; it’s time for our flight.  To be continued from Miami.

Ok, now for a quick layover in Miami.  Our flight doesn’t leave until 11pm, so I’ll post a few photos of our last weekend celebration. 

The four birthday people!  Kathy, DOS, Kenny, and Tom

Happy Birthday, DOS!


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