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Heading home from Kentucky

Just boarded my connecting flight US Airways 1899 from CLT to MCO.  It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m heading back home for a quick one night stay, before heading to Virginia for the weekend to see my parents.

Shortly later and the flight just reached 10K feet. Upon take off on this Airbus 321, one of the upper beverage drawers must not have been latched properly or came loose and went flying out onto the floor with a loud THUD!  Now I know why they have bulkheads – the drawer would have crushed the people in the first row if the bulkhead wasn’t there to stop it.  Fortunately no one got hurt, but it was a bit humorous to see the First Class passengers reaching into the aisle to grab rolling cans of soda, creamers etc!  The Flight Attendant immediately got up and started straightening up, putting the drawer back up on the top. I had a good view of the action  from my seat in 4C.   This pic was taken after the top drawer on the right had been put back in, but you can see how it could have really hurt someone without the bulkhead blocking the passenger cabin.IMG_2237

Now just writing this as I wait for snacks and beverages that weren’t damaged. The FA went to the back of the plane and just returned with a large bag of ice.

Had a good week in Kentucky.  I stayed at a nice Hampton Inn in Winchester which was about 45 minutes from the Lexington airport. IMG_2213


 The room was large and had a Jacuzzi in the bedroom area,IMG_2214


and even a Thomas Kinkade print on the wall.IMG_2215

I was working in Stanton, so it was another 25 minute drive in the mornings, but on an uncrowded freeway so it wasn’t bad.  It was actually quite scenic, and reminded me a bit of Virginia where I grew up, seeing the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance.  I took a few pics last evening on the way back to the airport – really beautiful with the sun setting.Evening LEX sky

Stayed last night at the Hyatt Place in Lexington.  While I’m Hilton Diamond and usually  use those properties, I’ve started staying a night a week, usually Thursday nights, to try to get Diamond status on them as well. I have Platinum status, but Diamond takes 50 nights a year, while Diamond I’ll make with 60+ nights a year.  I’m not a status snob, but it is nice to get upgrades and extra points/perks when staying so much on the road.

So getting served now; drinks and the snack basket, so I’ll sign off for now.  On my next post I’ll write this evening, I want to post on an interesting person I met earlier today in the Lexington airport club, named Lindsey – a fellow travel buff.

Until then – Cheers!



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