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Heading home from Memphis

Twas a quick, but long 3 day week, and it’s not over yet.  Traveled home from a wonderful Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend on Jekyll Island, followed by an early flight to Memphis on Tuesday for work.  The weather didn’t cooperate, unfortunately, so I got stuck overnight in Charlotte, after wait-listing all day on flights that ended up getting canceled, like my original one did.  There was ice in Charlotte, so it affected all flights in and out, but later to compound the problem, Memphis was also having snowy/icy conditions.

I stayed in the airport until nearly 5pm when the last flight canceled, and then went to the Hyatt Place hotel near Charlotte airport for the night.  As I didn’t have my checked luggage, I couldn’t change clothes, take my contacts out etc (fortunately they are 30 day lenses, but I still take them out every night), brush  my teeth etc.  I went to the front desk, and they gave me some complimentary toiletry items which was nice.  Then went next door to Jersey’s subs, and went back to my hotel room, calling it a night shortly thereafter.

As the flights were so full due to the cancelations, my ‘morning’ flight to Memphis, was actually not confirmed until 8pm the next night!  And that’s with Chairman’s status on US Airways, I can’t imagine a regular passenger, much less a non-rev!  Steve always tells me horror stories of non-rev flights – years ago it was fine, but today every flight is always full, and it’s horrible enough trying to standby as a revenue passenger, much less a non-rev.

Fortunately, the US Air (Admirals) Club agent gave me a boarding card for the 9:25am flight; which while still standby, allowed me to go thru the TSA Preferred lane the next day.  I then went to the club, and they checked the 9:25am flight which was still full, but she confirmed me in First on the 11:20am flight which was awesome!  I really wasn’t expecting that, and I then got to Memphis around 1pm, in time for the 2pm meeting on Wednesday.

I had a good day Wednesday with an afternoon meeting, and then checked in the Doubletree hotel downtown, across from the Peabody.  I didn’t do the Duck Parade at the Peabody, or even go down Beale Street, as it was SO COLD!  As in down near zero degrees!  Fortunately there is a T.G.I.F Friday’s in the hotel, so I went there with my co-worker, before calling it an early night.  Even though I hadn’t done much the last couple days, it was really tiring just waiting around the airport, switching travel plans, hotels etc.  I saw the weather forecast for Memphis for Friday, which calls for 80% chance of freezing rain, and changed my return flight to Thursday night.

Now it’s Thursday night at 9:25pm, and I’m again in the Admirals Club in CLT, waiting for my connecting flight back to MCO, which doesn’t arrive until nearly midnight!  Steve isn’t coming to Oviedo tomorrow, so I’ll take a cab home when I get back to Orlando. While I don’t like getting in that late, I really don’t want to be stuck in Memphis for the weekend as I have to fly out to Kentucky on Monday, and have lots to do this weekend.

Anyway, I’m a bit tired, and my flight leaves at 10:20pm, so I’ll call Steve DOS now, and sign off.


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