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Home for the weekend part 2

So my USAirways flight last night ending up being delayed from 2:45pm until 6pm; not fun for a Friday afternoon after a full week of work.  What was really irritating was the constant change of departure times.  It went to 5pm, and then to 6:15, back to 6 before changing to 4:15pm.  I went to the US Airways (now Admirals Club) at concourse C, and fortunately noticed the last time change at 3:50, so then rushed to the D13 gate, only to stand in the priority line for another hour.  It turns out there was big time miscommunication among scheduling, the gate agents, and the crew itself.  The inbound Boeing 767 was maintenance-delayed in Cancun, and eventually they changed our aircraft to MCO to an Airbus 330-300 series.  That was a nice surprise, but it surprised even some of the crew, as I stood right by the gate watching crew drift in, one-by-one.  There must have been 5 pilots/first officers come by, along with flight attendants here and there, although the gate agent said we were still missing two flight attendants.  One of the Pilots came back off the plane and said there was already a Captain, and he was told this was to be a 767!  Two captains, one of whom is Boeing, not Airbus-trained, and minus two flight attendants at 4:30pm, and we obviously didn’t make the 4:15 flight.  Five pm rolls around and one flight attendant comes aboard, telling the gate agent she was told to be there at five.  Still no last flight attendant yet.  We get a couple off duty flight attendants come up, but they are not in uniform.  Heck, I’m ready to volunteer to be a flight attendant – I know the drill they speak, and I can certainly pass out credit card applications, which is actually one of their duties.

So finally at 5:20, the sole remaining flight attendant comes aboard, to cheers of clapping at the gate.  We start the boarding process, and of course it’s a mad-house boarding even though the agent clearly says First Class only from the Blue priority lane.

Once aboard, I could finally relax, after standing at the gate for over an hour with the departure time continually being pushed back. IMG_1907 I had the foresight to ask the lady at the gate about my seat assignment, as well as the lady behind me, which was good because the plane had a different configuration.  I had her move me to 4H (from 3C aisle in the middle section), which is a window and aisle in this 1 x 2 x 1 Business (First Class) section.  This aircraft is the same one I have of DOS and I on the home page of this blog, which is what we normally fly on to Europe.
I settled in, had a pre-departure brewski and had a nice flight to MCO.  I took these night-time pics along the way.IMG_1920  IMG_1912 IMG_1916

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