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Home sweet Home! Back from our latest trip.

Hello, just a quick post to say Steve (DOS) and I safely made it home from our trip to Canada, Finland, and Singapore.

It’s Sunday evening as I post this, and we’re unpacking from the long trip. I just logged into my work account to see if I’m traveling this week, but fortunately not until the following week, so I can catch up a bit this week at home on the blog and other things.

We had an absolutely outstanding time on the trip, yet are a bit tired and zoned out from all of the time changes. I have much to share about this trip, and just need some down time to follow-up with it. We were so busy I didn’t want to take away from the fun we were having to post.

I’ll end this post though with a couple of my favorite memories of the trip; the first two are from Finland, the second from Singapore, and the third from Calgary.

And finally one from back home, safe and sound and with all our luggage! Welcome Home!

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