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Huskie Sledding in Lapland

On our second day in Inari, Finland (Lapland), Steve (DOS) and I went on a Huskie Sledding Adventure at our hotel, The Wilderness Lodge, Inari.

We both agreed after getting home, this was the highlight of our trip, and everything we did was wonderful. As we told people later, “This was the coolest part of our trip!”, quite literally!

Our huskie sledding adventure was two hours in length which was about the perfect length; would not want to go any longer than this due to the cold and the strain on the dogs. Actually our guide said the dogs love to run and can do up to 100km a day so that wasn’t a problem, but it did get cold on our faces the longer we were out, even with all our polar gear.

DOS and I took turns driving; he did this first, while I was comfortable seated in the sled. With just a few quick do’s and don’ts from our guide, along with three hand signals, we were off on our huskie adventure!

There were six groups of two in our adventure, with the guide in the solo spread up front. We were told to keep a reasonable distance from each other’s sled, which we all did without issue.

We started out over the mammoth Lake Inari, which we overlook from our window in our log cabin. This lake is frozen several months out of the year, which makes it perfect for sledding, and later snowmobiling across it. We traversed the lake for quite a while, and later went thru the wilderness a bit.

It was quite the “Cool” adventure, and even much better than we expected, and not nearly as dangerous as we thought it would be. While we worried at first they would be cold, on the contrary as they run they actually heat up, and several times when we stopped the huskies would actually roll around in the snow to cool off.

After the actual sledding, we had about 15 minutes of “huskie time”; that is time to play with and pet the huskies! It was truly a wonderful experience, and we thanked and took a selfie with our guide before heading back to the lodge for lunch.

Here is the complete photo gallery of our huskie adventure.

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