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Inaugural Cruise on The Enchanted Princess

Steve (DOS) and I just returned from an awesome 10 night Caribbean cruise on the brand new Enchanted Princess. Technically speaking it was not “brand new” as it was supposed to start sailing last year in 2020, but the COVID pandemic delayed it’s sailing for over a year.

As the COVID pandemic is still on-going, the ship was only a little more than a quarter full, with 954 passengers on a ship that can hold 4,000. There were also over a 1,000 crew onboard, and they, like the passengers, were all glad to finally be sailing on this first revenue, inaugural sailing, as it was most people’s first post-COVID cruise.

I’m still going thru the photos and videos of the trip as we just got home yesterday, so I’ll update this post with lots of pics and detail within the next couple of days. For now here is a photo of us in Curaçao by the beautiful ship. It was so good to finally be cruising again!

2 thoughts on “Inaugural Cruise on The Enchanted Princess

  1. Gail

    Hi Steve and Steve! It’s Gail, from the Enchanted Princess cruise – we met at Sabatini’s for breakfast and chatted before the “court case” in Princess Live.

    That was a wonderful cruise, wasn’t it? In fact, we booked to go again in February!

    Hope to see you on another Princess cruise.

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Hi Gail, Thanks for posting. It was so nice to meet you all as well. It was a wonderful cruise! Hope you had a good trip back to NJ. Will hopefully see you on another cruise. We’re taking the ‘Love Boat’ cruise on Feb 26 out of LA on the Majestic.

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