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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I’m backtracking a bit here, but was enjoying Thanksgiving in Virginia too much to update the previous weekend’s blog.  I had a great weekend in Roanoke over Thanksgiving, (previous post) and am now back in Orlando readying for my business trip to Ohio in the morning.

Last weekend, DOS and I set up the outside yard for Christmas.  We had already decorated the house inside for Christmas (it helped not decorating for Halloween this year!), but didn’t want to set up decorations outside too early; i.e. before Thanksgiving.  Actually we set them out, but didn’t turn them on until Thanksgiving Saturday when I got home from Virginia.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at DOS putting together this year’s new outdoor Christmas decorations.  We had done most of the inside decorating already, and DOS especially likes doing the outside decorating.  Gone are some of the ‘blow ups’ we had in previous years, such as the gigantic Frosty the Snowman, Peanuts gang singing, Santa airplane, Snoopy airplane – these ‘blow ups’ just don’t last more than a couple seasons, and look kind of tacky when they are deflated and laying about in the yard.

This year we bought two new sturdy (non-blow up) figures: Olaf – from the movie frozen (which we haven’t even seen!), and Mickey and Minnie building a snowman.  Here is DOS putting these figures together inside the house, before we took them outside,

IMG_7588 IMG_7589


and here is the finished Olaf!


After putting Olaf together, DOS jumped right into building Mickey and Minnie building a snowman.  this was a bit more complicated, but DOS has the patience (more than me) to figure it out.   First he built the snowman:


and then put together Mickey and Minnie:

IMG_7600 IMG_7602


and here is the finished product:


We then set these outside, along with the other figures such as the spiral Christmas tree, star, and front and center, the Nativity scene.  I had previously planted about 50 small and medium-sized poinsettias last weekend around the bushes and front of the house.  Only one lasted from last year, but it’s nice to add some natural color out front for the Christmas season.

IMG_7569 IMG_7567


We also put out the LED bush lights and LED candy canes lining the entranceway.


And here is our outside yard lit up at night:


IMG_6448 IMG_6446


And we still have one ‘blow up’ that lasted the season.  Here comes Santa Clause!

Merry pre-Christmas!IMG_6442

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