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Koala Bears, Kangaroos, Beaches and Kings Park around Perth

We had yet another fun-filled and busy day on our last day in Perth, once again touring around with our Perth friends Michael and Tracey, and our Adelaide friends Manuela and Jenny. After having breakfast at the Hyatt Regency Perth where we all were staying, we headed out on our days adventure!

Our first stop was at Caversham Wildlife Park, in Whiteman, Western Australia, near Perth. Caversham is a large zoo of sorts, but not your typical experience as many of the animals are contained in their natural habitat and are free to roam the area enclosed for them. We especially wanted to see the koala bears, so this offered a perfect opportunity for a visit.

Here is a map from the Caversham Wildlife Park website, showing the many attractions they have there. A gallery of my photos is included below showing the Koala Bears up close, and later feeding the. kangaroos with the pellet-like food that was provided for doing so. We even saw an albino kangaroo!

We spent a couple hours in the park, and could have spend much longer had we attended more of the attractions and animal and trainer shows they had throughout the park. Instead we tried to cram as much sightseeing in the day as we could, so we next headed to the beach.

We went to a couple beaches, not to swim or sunbathe, but to “take in” the local culture of the area. We first went to Hillary’s Beach, which was a bit busy with kids still on holiday, but we managed to get a seat at “The Dome” restaurant overlooking the water activities, where we had lunch.

After lunch, we then headed to the City Beach, where we walked around a bit, and did a bit of people watching at this less busy beach near Perth.

After going to the beaches, we headed back to Perth, and went up the hillside to the beautiful King’s Park, which provides outstanding views of Perth. We actually stopped there the night before, but as it was dark and there was an outdoor concert event by Chris Isaacson, it was quite busy, so we didn’t’ see much then as some of the overlooks and roads were shut down due to traffic flow.

By daylight, we had some great views of the city of Perth from one of several lookout areas. We had seen this park on YoutTube, but I was concerned my walking (which is still a bit limited) would prevent me from seeing this park, but Michael was an excellent host, and made it easy for us to view the downtown area of Perth from several vantage points. Thanks Michael!

For dinner our last night in Perth, we ate at the hotel again, the Hyatt Regency Perth, as it had been yet another long and fun-filled day of sightseeing around Perth.

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