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Last business trip of the year

I haven’t posted lately as I’ve been very busy with work and the busy Christmas season. I’ve had two back-to-back trips to Ohio for business, and will be working at home in Orlando this week.

On my trip last week I flew up to Dayton on American Airlines from Orlando to Charlotte and then connecting to Dayton. I was seated next to Alicia, who had a beautiful puppy in her lab. At first I did a double take as she was wearing black and the dog was black as well and it blended in with her clothes, but those beautiful eyes stared back at me with a ‘dogs smile’. IMG_7863Alicia and I talked most of the flight to Charlotte and she explained she was delivering the dog to a family with a child that had Autism. Alicia started the charity Highflutin Furry Babies at the request of her daughter, who is totally deaf. They breed the dogs and have them trained (which can be quite costly) and provide to families in need. While they obviously screen the family thoroughly before delivering the dog to make sure they are a good fit, Alicia said she feels like she knows the family when she delivers the puppy to them.  I asked her if I could take her photo and mention this on my website which I explained to her was just a travel blog for fun with my partner and I. She readily agreed, so I’m happy to put the word out for her.  The puppy was so adorable and well-behaved on the flight I really felt a bit sad saying ‘goodbye’.  I hope (and know) the new family will have a wonderful life together with their new ‘furry baby’.  Thanks for all you do Alicia!

I had an hour and a half in Charlotte, and walked thru the terminal a bit taking photos of the Christmas decorations in the terminal.  IMG_7870 IMG_7873 IMG_7866


My next flight from Charlotte to Dayton was a quick hour flight with no issues, and the baggage  claim and car rental were very quick there.  I had an hour’s drive to my hotel, and stayed at the best place in Sidney, the Hampton Inn!  This really was a nice Hampton Inn, and I had a large King study room at the end of the hallway. Although it was close to the freeway I75, it was surprisingly quiet which I treasure when I’m traveling – silence is golden! I was working at two sites; one only 10 minutes away, while the other was a scenic 45 minute drive thru the country. IMG_7893 IMG_7877 IMG_7876 IMG_7875


The second week I was there I took a leisurely drive back to the hotel each night, admiring the Christmas decorations while listening to Christmas music on the radio.






On my last night in Ohio, I stopped by the ‘drive inn’; i.e. a beverage store drive in for a six-pack  celebrating the two weeks I was there, and going home in the morning.  I had never been to a drive thru beverage  store; it was a pretty cool concept indeed, excuse the pun!  I guess it gets pretty ‘cool’ up here in winter so it’s a convenience thing.


I flew back to Orlando on Friday afternoon, arriving a bit early at 6:10pm. I had a nice view of the sunset as we were arriving into Orlando.IMG_7924

On the way to the main terminal I took this photo of a festive American Airlines gate on the B-airside at MCO.


DOS met me at the Orlando airport, and we headed home dropping off the luggage at the house, before heading to Outback for dinner.


The weekend was quick and relaxing. We went to an open house on Saturday night, and attended the Christmas Cantata at Church on Sunday which was very good.

I will working at home this week thru the beginning of the year which is wonderful! My trip tally so far this year: 147 flights on USAIRways/American Airlines – with one more Christmas flight to go. Wow – where did the year go!  Welcome Home!

IMG_6448 IMG_6450

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